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So my internet is slow, What can you do about it?


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     I have been a member here for a few years but never posted. My ignorance about this is so huge its amusing.   I test my download speed, ( Xfinity )  sometimes... ( Very rarely..)  I might get a 8 - 10 Mbps speed @ the high end... but most of the time its  around 2 or 3 Mbps.  The last few days it been below 1Mbps. Like 60 - 70 Kbps !!!  I cant even get my email to come up...   so forget about streaming all together.  So Im smart enough to know my internet Company is ripping me of.  And yes... its a peak timing thing, im sure.  I even have a Netgear signal booster.   ( I have a mobile Hotpass)   Im confused. If a smartphone can pic up a signal all the time... Why cant my laptop.?  I travel around and I will be doing nothing but traveling the rest of the summer now.  I need to learn SOMETHING about this stuff and how it works.... or im going to be watching a lot of Movies...   and I hate movies.  I prefer to LEARN something and watch Docs. . . . . . . .     Is it me and my Equipment...   Or my server? . . . ANYBODY??? . . . .  ( DOH !! )

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