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OK - I have just posted my general rant re terrible ISPs (Different speed tests give different results) - now I am asking for a bit of help!  Apart from low speeds (or, more accurately, my ISP not providing the bandwidth advertised), I have also had real problems with dropping. Measuring this is a hassle - taking screenshots everytime I am notified "server not available". Instead I have used ping -t command in the windows interface, & I then import the *.txt files into Excel & sort. "Destination net unreachable"  and "Request timed out" indicate dropping, and by sequentially numbering each ping request, it is possible to determine if it is a major outage or just "one-off" drops. It is these one off drops I want to ask about - are these genuine incidents of "dropping" or to be expected in even the best kept broadband provisioning services? In other words, what are they indicative of? I give an example below:

ID    A    B    C    D    TIME ms    TTL=43    DROP
634    Reply    from    bytes=32    20    TTL=43    
635    Reply    from    bytes=32    20    TTL=43    
636    Request    timed    out.                XX
637    Reply    from    bytes=32    19    TTL=43    
638    Reply    from    bytes=32    20    TTL=43    
639    Reply    from    bytes=32    20    TTL=43    


Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

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