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Networking Direcway & Linksys WRT55AG


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Need help setting up my network in the jungles of central america.

Have a Direcway 6000 with Static IP that runs into a Linksys WRT55AG.  I plug the DW6000 into the internet port  I use port 4 on Linksys which runs to my upstairs pc and that works good.  From the Linksys it runs a cat5 downstairs (on Linksys port 1) to a C-Net 8Port Switch where it runs to a pc for my hotel guests, another pc for my front desk and the last to the bar where I have another WRT55AG.  I have another pc (with my bars POS) at the bar I want to connect.  How do I configure the WRT55AG's, pc's and what do I plug in where to get it all to work. 

The wireless internet access will be open & free to anyone with a laptop.  How can I keep a bad egg (like the competition) from getting into my front desk & bars pc?

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This is an old post and I'm a new user to this forum. And I'll try and answer this to the best of my expertise. I too have a WRT55AG Version 2 of the hardware. As far as all of your wired connection go, I think there ok. Securing your wireless transmissions and having easy usage for your guest will be difficult, especially if their are people you would like to keep out, like your competition. I only see two options.

1. Enable wireless security either using WEP or WPA TKIP Pre-Shared Key. Creating a passphrase (also known as a password), and giving this to your guest if they should want to use the Internet. Then change the passphrase every 2 weeks or 30 days or as often as you like depending on your paranoia. Just remember to give out the current passphrase to your guests when you change it.

2. This was done at a hotel I stayed at recently, they require the guests to give the hotel staff their MAC address of their PC at check in, this is where you would use the MAC filtering options in the router, you would input the guests MAC address into the router, then no wireless security would be necessary. Once the MAC address was inputted, the guest would have access to the Internet, at check out remove their MAC address from the router so you can maintain a higher level of security.

You indicated that you had two WRT55AG, I am thinking your going to have to disable the DHCP function on the second one, and let the first one assign all the IP addresses. You can log into your router using your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape). Use the default IP address if you haven

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