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Symantec Anti-Virus client signiture coruption durring inteligant updating. Ent


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Looking for a solution!

In a Enterprise environment Symantec Anti-Virus client systems signature updates are corrupting. About 10% are being affected. we have found a way to manually resolve this but we would like to fix this if possible. 

Do any of you have this same problem?

We have a theory that it is a protocol issue.  It looks like Symantec uses UDP to send this out. Being that UDP is a connectionless protocol and is not as reliable as TCP, We think the packets become corrupt in this way.

Symantec insists on saying they use TCP for this but as Sniffing tools have reported it uses UDP. I think Symantec tech support is confusing TCP and UDP with TCP/IP.

The systems have connection but sometimes loose it and the signature then becomes corrupt.

Can anyone steer me in a direction I haven

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