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Verizon gets generous with FIOS upload


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no problem  ;)

it might be something else then TCP tweaks that need some tuning

try changing your NIC duplex mode from auto to half / full and compare speed

here is a guide how to change it, test 100 Mbps half duplex and 100 Mbps full duplex

quote from http://dslnuts.com/tips_tricks.shtml

"Windows 2000 or XP: to change to half-duplex:

* Open Control Panel.

* Double-click Network and Dial-up Connections.

* Identify the icon for your cable modem connection: usually Local Area Connection.

* Right-click that icon and select Properties.

* Under the ethernet adapter icon, click the button Configure.

* Click the tab Advanced to bring it to the front:

* In the Property box, the property name to be selected varies according to model of ethernet card. Examples are: Network Link Selection, Media Type, Connection Type, Duplex Mode, or any similarly-named property which can have Values looking like Auto-Negotiation, or 10BT, or 10BaseT.

* In the Value box, select a value which either (a) explicitly says half-duplex or semi-duplex, or (B) at least does not say full-duplex [e.g. 10BaseT on its own is OK]. If there is a choice between 10 and 100 with half-duplex, choose the 10. Do not choose 10Base5, 10Base2, or AUI.

* Click OK to exit the Adapter settings.

* Click OK to exit the Connection properties. "

VanBuren :)

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