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Networking hell


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I just bought a brand new NetGear wireless router, and a wireless adapter. I installed both, and from my leaf computer with the adapter, it says it found the network with a signal of 80, and that its connected just file. It says its SENT and received packets. On this main computer (host), It says its sent packets but hasn't received any. I've been working on this for 3 hours, any ideas?

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I have spent all day attempting to do this. I am totally warn out. I have worked on this non stop, without eating, drinking, or taking a break for 5 straight hours. I think I'm going to ''''''''upgrade'''''''' to the DW6000 because of all this. I have tried every single combination, I set the CLIENT to and the HUB to but they always conflict or some bull crap. Even though it says its connected at 54 Mbps, with 80 as a signal, I still have problems.

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Using a router and ICS with a DW4000 is tricky. If I were you, I would not use a router. You need a switch/hub. I tried a long time ago to use a Linksys router/switch and had similar problems. As soon as I used a hub and ran the Network wizard (everything hooked up correctly of course) life was good. Stay cool and stay away from a DW6000. Yes a DW6000 is much easier to network, but with the speeds it's not worth it. I just went back to using a DW4000 and my speeds are almost 100% better! At least when SATMEX 5 is running correctly!!!!!!!!NeeDSpeeD

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