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LinkSys Router Wireless G Broandband Rrouter WRT54G

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I want to know What is the best configuration to my Router in Setup/Advanced Routing Gateway?

I have selected only one IP (Setup/Basic Setup/Starting IP Address), and none Static DNS (Setup/Basic Setup/Static DNS)

My Network Setup looks like:

Router IP                          Local IP Address: 

                                        Subnet Mask:     


Network Address

Server Settings (DHCP)      DHCP Server: Enable

                                          Starting IP Address:  192.168.1. 100

And the Advanced Routing looks like:

Operating Mode    Gateway

Satic Routing  Selec number: 1

                        Enter Rout Name    BlahBlah

                        Destination LAN IP: ??  I think this is where my compurer has connected (

                        Subnet Mask:  ??  Router IP Subnet mask?? or

                        Default Gateway:  ??      Router IP????

                        Interface:  Both (W&L)

what about the DNS's servers in the Network Connection Details, Should I put in the static DNS field?

Another computer is connected to the cable-modem through USB and has another data in its WinIPConfig, can i use some of these data?


I'll try to do all of these, but are many variables, and if you know something tell me..


I've installed the latest Firmware v3.03.6., and i haven't understood yet. the difference between the Port range forward and port triggering, the last one is for redirection of ports?

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