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blue screen loop pretty sure (internal_power_error)


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summer is here:

well i  loaded xp64

no drivers for printer, scanner,sound card(Catalina or mother board)

just cant do with out sound

reinstalled xp sp1

had lots of problems (same one blue screen)

after last clean install all was great for about 10 days

then yesterday tripped over mouse cord and got


            blue screen

but this time i waited and it finally booted clean

about 3 hours later i did a install of nvidia mixer(not using Catalina any more)

and blue screened upon reboot

i decided to investigate

removed light on CD ROM,160 GB sata

and (not that it makes a difference)split the 2 power cords coming from

power supply more equally amongst my fans and drives

checked all wiring with meter( no shorts)

so far so good

  Q:  Is 2 DVDs,

            1 carom,

            2 sata hd(does 10,000 rpm draw more power)

            1 ide hd

            4 fans

              1 blue light(removed also)

              nvidia fx 5700ve 256mb video(from what i read this takes a lot)

is this to much for 450 power supply?

thanks steyr223 at a better place now

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