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Longhorn Cuts


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I dont know if you have been following the developments in Longhorn in the past weeks since SP2 has come out but there have been huge cutbacks..

Here are some of them:

1) Release Date

The release date was set for early 2007 for the consumer. This has been moved to mid 2006 for wide availability. This is possible because of the other cuts :cry: Microsoft +10 pts.

2) New File system

Longhorn was to ship with WinFS, the new file system that provides more secuity and data protection. However since Microsoft decided that they need to rush SP2 they moved people to that project and off of this one. What does this mean? The BETA version will have WinFS but the retail version will not ship with it.. Personally that is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard. This new file system will be out in 2007ish. I have no idea if you will be able to get your hands on this or not. Microsoft -20pts.

3) New GUI

Since Windows 2000 Microsoft has decided to get away from the Win98 look.. Personally I hate the new schemes they have come up with... There are 2 versions, which depend on what type of graphics you have and the computer. Both of them are not going to be on the ship version. They will be out 2006 for XP and 2007 for Longhorn.... Not what I am looking for but what ever...

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yeah pretty much.. it is sad but true... the just think they know what we want.. but in reality we want an os that is stable, not full of holes, and user friendly... Windows XP does only one of these... It is kinda user friendly... It is full of holes and if you install SP2 and then right click on my machine the system crashes... Yippe! :roll:

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