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What Are They Running?

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I'm in Southwest Michigan and we pull from South Bend, IN. I have see some independent cable installation contractors running the protective sheathing/piping/whatever (stuff they run fiber through) down a road near me. Now along there I have been seeing a pair of Comcast trucks working their way down the road. What is really peaking my interest is this is now running a block from the node for my area, which as the cable runs, I'm about 2500 feet from.

What do you think they are up to? Could this be part of the 10GigE upgrade? The HSI set-up is barely over two years old in my town. I got HSI as soon as it was available and was hooked up 8/19/03.

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I found a truck roll of verizon fibre half way up the tree.  yakasuma-something-japanize optical cable.  Has a hard black shell and about 2/3"  inside.  I didn't take the end cap off, got enough scsi as it is.  What you saw was probably verizon laying conduit and comcast waiting for the ditchwich to knock out the television service.  They have to share since public utilities don't like when you dig up their lines for them.  That conduit is there because if you back hoe fibre they get to do it all over again.

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