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alright im going to be getting back my old computer from circuitcity the harddrive went bad and i had it replaced uhh, but i have a wireless b router, and im going to try to put my old pc on the other sideof the house, will the connection still be workable // good?, and what card would i have to buy for this router to make the pc connected?, please and thank you

Router: Linksys Wireless befw11s4 Version 4.

Have This Computer hooked up + my playstation

and going to make my old pc connected through wireless.

ATI Connection in the case .. i believe


sumthing like that but older...

sorry i dont have everything yet =X

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The manual says that you need the Cd to configure the drivers.

(IMPORTANT for Windows XP users:) It also says that Windows XP users has a built in configuration tool. It says to use the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration in the system tray at the bottom of your screen to configure the card. After installing the card, the windows XP Wireless Zero Config. icon will appear in the bottom in system tray. Double click the icon.

Then a screen will appears showing available wireless network. Select the network and click the

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