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You'll be just fine.  I've been freelance developing Internet based business applications and hosting them for the last 4 years.  The biggest line I used for hosting to multiple locations was a synchronous 512K line.  I served 4 locations with 10 + users in each location and it worked just fine.

If your site will use database connections, put the database on the same server as the web site to reduce connection latency.

The one thing I did do to make sure no one user saturated the line was to throttle connections per user.  File downloads were the only activity that engaged the throttles, and in the real world I never had to many users downloading at once.

Just make sure your site runs clean...ie optimize your images, empty unused variables right away, and close db connects as soon as they're not needed.  There's a lot of poorly written sites out there that could run great on half the bandwidth if they cleaned up their messy code.

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