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  1. I've been using grc.coms DNS benchmarking tool for years. The cool thing is he tests uncached results as well as cached. Uncached results are when the DNS server dosn't already have a the IP address cached and has to look it up. Also it shows which DNS servers will redirect 404 pages and what not
  2. I just went to with noscript enabled which got me to there "no flash" (I'm assuming HTML5) beta, interesting the results are the same as they are here, but when you go to the regular flash site, it says my speed is blazing past what I pay for.
  3. Oh, gotcha, I have yet to call them, I'm afraid there going to say it's the buildings infrastructure (I'm in an apartment) but I'll have to call and see.
  4. Sorry forgive my ignorance, what is BT?
  5. Motorola Surfboard SB6141
  6. Okay when I did the multi 50MB my download was 52.8, the upload with 12MB's I'm getting 5.4 - 5.6. I had to restart my modem after plugging back into my router, I guess the modem didn't like the Ip/Mac address change. single threaded download is now 28.8 up is 1.6
  7. I'm wired, so I plunged directly into the modem and I'm getting 27.9 down and 7.4 up
  8. I came here after being frustrated that was showing that I was getting my full speed (or faster) but websites would sometimes take several seconds to load, and videos could take up to 5min. I forgot who referred me here it may have been someone from slashdot or reddit I can't remember. Anyway here's my question: I pay for 50 down 10 up with Cox communications I'm in Orange County, California. Today shows I'm getting 60.16 Mbps down 6.32 Mbps up. I did the single threaded test here and I'm getting 27.9 Mbps down and 5.7 Mbps up, Multi-threaded shows 47.1 Mbps down and 1.6 Mbps up. So it seems I'm getting half or less of what I'm paying for and am feeling ripped off I would gladly pay less for a my actual speed if they could promise me that, but I'm afraid it would be actually slower. oh and my modems a Motorola Surfboard SB6141. Again thanks for the great site.