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  1. Speed test wrong?

    I think I see roughly what you're saying, what other sites do you recommend to test on as well?
  2. Speed test wrong?

    So best results would be testing multiple sites and each one in a different region? I dont feel like TMN is being very accurate for me, especially for the NY server.
  3. Speed test wrong?

    So should I wait for the issue to be resolved before testing on here again? And those results are correct? or just a load of crap?
  4. Speed test wrong?

    Okay, I tried the FL one: http://testmy.net/db/mg3b9Vdsq I also did other tests: Ookla Beta - Xfinity - Speed Of Me I know the Xfinity one would be biased, but comparing it to the other ones, it seems correct.
  5. Speed test wrong?

    Oh so it's just an issue with this site? Okay, yeah, I ran a bunch of different speed tests, all were between 230-270Mbps.
  6. Speed test wrong?

    Here'es the traceroute, I'm just not a networking person, Im more of a hardware guy, so forgive my networking related ignorance.
  7. Speed test wrong?

    No idea what any of that means. Are there other speed tests I can check that are more reliable? I use to use the Ookla speed test but I heard since it runs the test with Flash it's not reliable or accurate.
  8. Speed test wrong?

    The last hardware related change I made was Sept. 17th to 20th, not sure the exact day, but that's when I swapped out GPUs.
  9. Speed test wrong?

    Its always been the same device, my main PC, the only change I've made at all is some hardware changes that don't include the motherboard.
  10. Speed test wrong?

    I'm from Massachusetts, I attached a screenshot of my speed tests http://testmy.net/quickstats/daronmal
  11. Speed test wrong?

    Yeah, as far as I can tell, all the speeds are slower, but the NY server is really really slow.
  12. Speed test wrong?

    I started using this site earlier this year and got really consistent results, I occasionally check my speed to make sure my ISP isn't screwing me over, however, now I've been having REALLY low download speed test. I went from a consistent 200-230 Mbps to under 1 Mbps, but all other sites have not changed my speed.
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