SDSL 1.5 Mbps UP

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Does anyone actually have this service? And are the up speeds as advertised.

This is the first symmetric home based ISP plan i have seen.

Starting at $119.95 per month

Line Speed Options 1.5, 1.1, 768, 384, 192

IP Addresses 8 Static

Email Addresses 20

Domain Email

( included

SLA Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

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I had sdsl with Covad which is who speakeasy goes through and the speeds depend on how far you are from the C-O and the quality of those wires.  I got MAX about 1400 up and down to most closer sites and to further it was about 1200 most of the time.  Pings and hops were great and i dont remember ever being down unless the power was out and if something was wrong they moved there asses to fix it within a few hours. 

Overall it was amazing service for a high price but it was over $150 a month cheaper than a T-1 at the time for about the same speed and a slightly different SLA.  I also had a T-1 from megapath which felt about the same in terms of using it but the only difference i noticed was that the T-1 was about 50 to 100 kbps faster and it cost a bit more. 

I dont know how speakeasy is doing since bestbuy bought them but see if there is a trial period that you can get without paying alot or free if possible.

Here is some tests with my SDSL that i had

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