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  1. Hi, any chance you are asking about over clocking the CPU ? Raising the voltage to bring you up to beyond 2.66GHz. Btw you are seriously hurting with ram, should be the 1st concern, clearly is your problem. Otherwise your download speed is 8+ times better than WB. I envy yours. Marsh
  2. Hi fikestar, I have shared my 8 years with Hughes, had let me down for the past 4 months, previous failure was maybe 2 years ago until getting the frequency change from 1000MHz to 1050MHz, same 117w bird, using the 7000s modem, and speed was back. Now unable to be directed to advanced tech support, for another change, so goodbye. So now will sign up again for some true side by side testing, but unless I get an immediate transponder reassignment, won't happen then. Wouldn't be fair then as I will not accept failure again. Granted both companies are doing the best they can, over selling is going to happen, on a per transponder bases, but not to me. Without proof of not knowing to log in the score the side by side was saved online. Lost all my proof Hughes/WB speed screen shots using Speakeasy and Hughes speed test but lost when the solid state drive died, Grr. Confirmed Hughes tests would lie saying 1,000+ and SE and TMN says 200 max, that's pretty low down fraud, plain and simple. Sorry but this thread was about WB and not a comparison... Marsh
  3. Sorry for not knowing that, guess I need to read more of your forums before responding like that. Oh such a nice group of people, enjoying some grief time periods, oh heck, makes the good times better. Marsh
  4. That was really uncalled for, you were asked to post your score and you failed with anger reaction so were quoted. After having Hughes for 8 years and they were mostly good times, until unable to get a transponder freq change, canceled a week ago. Now seriously considering to sign up again with a guaranteed frequency change, ah have the best of both worlds, maybe ration the cat, g/f,myself before dial up haha Oh yes took full advantage of the 5 hour free zone allowing me to downloading Windows service packs approaching 425MB. Even had a token being in the beta test program, unused. Looking forward to see the greener grass of yours. Your connection is: 1005 Kbps or 1 Mbps You downloaded at: 123 kB/s You are running: 18 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 8.33 second(s) Member Ident:Username:marsh_0x CompID:6887708583 Test Time:: 2010/01/09 - 8:39pm, really add 1 hour...
  5. Hi zalternate. forgive me for not making the connection to a beam. Best explained with a flashlight shining on the floor or wall. Closer to light beam center the better for signal strength. Has nothing to do with actual speed or equipment failure, digital is digital, either a perfect signal or none. Still, being stuck on one frequency within that beam and that freq has too much traffic, your only chance is to get on a different transponder that is being used less. Granted with Hughes the new bird using the 9000 modem is the different story, a friend has and still doesn't experience the grief given us long time customers, figures once they owned us we belonged forever, which was a wrong answer. Thankfully WB is competition. Marsh
  6. Hi Tommie, a pix I've kept on Photo Bucket from a couple years ago, using Speak Easy as I didn't know about yours, so lacks the proof of Hughes throttle breaking down for hours. My only experience with true broadband speed.
  7. Hi, very interesting thread, very sorry to feel your pain that will most likely happen to me in the future. Been their done that with Hughes, to worse of whats been posted down to 32K for hours, no FAP involved except when done on purpose as their usage logs chart was garbage, haha for me to use but 5 meg/hour for 25 minutes online and varied in a 24 hour time frame is pure insanity. I'm on 24/7, Hughes didn't have an answer why. Good grief being a retired night owl, best I could download was 3 gigs in the free zone of 1am cst to 6 am cst. Almost wishing to have both now, only option is to sell out and move closer to cable that will never happen. Midnight test as expected is, not meaning to brag. Guess my day will come, hopefully in the distant future... 1287 Kbps or 1.3 Mbps (157 kB/s)
  8. Sorry to hear that, because I'm a procrastinator haven't yet to call WB after over 2 months how to log into the usage/diagnostics page due to the installer given password fails. I feel very bad not having the facts and figures of the beam to northern Wisconsin, between Rhinelander and Tomahawk. MODIFY, the package for $84, wanted the fastest unless there is a faster/more expensive ? Yes, I'm still quite happy, tested again at 9:30pm cst, now if I can only figure out how to get a full img code copy without the extra steps of 2 copy/paste to a new text document on the desktop, sooner or later haha Too many years spent in hell with Hughes and what you are going thru, just NOT fair. Demand a transponder reassignment can be my best answer. I always avoid crowds.
  9. Yep, it's hitting me hard, almost not acceptable. ]
  10. Honor to meet you and thanks for the advanced Dork. Grr now seeing peak usage slowdown, but still happy
  11. I envy yours, having problems copy/paste as the full link is cut off for the image http://www.testmy.net/share2-CB64M05TP Ah, may have figured it out Nope wrong again
  12. Hi, now that makes sense how Doppler radar works. But, guess it wasn't a wasted day...http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=Glow-bull+Warning
  13. The transponder frequency is as listed, 1050MHz also horizontal polarization. I think the old transponder was 1000MHz ? Assigned one with less traffic was the only answer, maybe a 20 minute walk threw. Now not sure if that's what you mean by a beam ? Oh how ironic the tech in Florida knew me from Vietnam days and talked for hours about what Hughes is doing and the old days. I don't really dare share more what was said, one of my most rewarding days to make contact again, oh so long ago before the internet ! I will try to make e-mail/lady contact and will not jeopardize his career. A satellite like C-band usually has 24 transponders, the Ku birds like used by Dish Network and Direct have 37 to work with. With WB, Hughes, Starband and others you are that 1 frequency only, no auto switching possible. Yes, way too funny Indians my computer problem having 5 available, but only one at a time, no conflict with sharing. Good grief I retired 8 years ago at age 54, my American dream, Broadcast Engineer with 5,000 hours uplinking different birds and transponders, retired Dish Network dealer/installer including Star Band and say an equipment problem haha The topic was Wild Blue, so need to be careful getting off topic, I think ? Anyways no slow down yet, tested 3:24pm cst and sure like my WB service. Btw went threw Dish Network so I have strong reputation for service, my WB installer (Greg) is 20 minutes away if needed, ah tipping is a hint, said that was too much haha Cloud cover with heavy moisture will loss the signal do to it's short wave length, Gets much shorter with the KU birds. I also use the formula 2808 divided by the freq in MHz equals a 1/4 wave in inches. So there is a better understanding how big raindrops will absorb intelligence. With digital you either have a perfect signal or you don't have one. A slight signal degradation means nothing about speed. I love your forum, I'm learning or it was a wasted day, as usual haha Marsh Modify the test...
  14. Northern Wisconsin in the deep country where clothing is optional and bonfires mandatory. Between Tomahawk and Rhinelander. Bring your own Marsh mellows haha Modify: years ago when this thread 1st started, a poster asked about, it's his ham radio call sign. KC something in the 1st page, that Google knows us too well, and not giving mine. Marsh
  15. Hi, I had Hughes 117w bird 1050mhz for 7 years until finally telling off them for good, yesterday. Have Wild Blue for 2 months and testing them side, WB is far superior. I'm so happy now but who knows about the future. Hughes fraud of slow down at exactly 3:01 pm cst until finally recovering at 11 pm cst. That is an on purpose throttle down, heavier usage is ruled out, fraud down to near dial up 32K to 200K, computer controlled. But 2 years ago, they have now dropped that policy. These past 4 months Hughes has refused to transfer me to advanced support because the Indians saids it works half the time haha Again rules out equipment. 2 years ago watching one of their commercials on TV, called and was able to get advanced support toll from them, amazing she couldn't believe was that slow. Support via the telephone I was given a new transponder assignment and magic the speed was back until 4 months ago. Same 117w bird, 1050MHz transponder is being over sold. Point is and should be plan and simple, over usage of too many ppl on that assigned transponder for my past 4 months and to think every other customer was/is suffering the same pain. Unfortunately didn't discover I could join here and keep the logs online. Lost all my proof when my 2 month old, SSD HD died. Still going to take serious action with the BBB and FCC, I'm beyond angry. Yes they both have slow periods in the afternoon and it's all do over usage, nothing wrong with your equipment. Just tested and will attempt to img, 1600 is my best, usually 1550 and getting what Im paying for, so happy with WB. Oh, btw, soon to put TMN in my signature at G4 Tech Forums (285,000 members) where I've been for 15+ years. marsh_0x my.net/stats/id-OFZI4K
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