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  1. I had Bellsouth set up that way. finally after not being able to get through last night, I went to Hughesnet website and used their software and quick set up tool to change everything to hughesnet. things have been fine since...........
  2. seems to only work in the mornings. This morning no problem, this evening same ol stuff. ( to be Polite)
  3. I do not use that account for my email, too much spam. However I have to use it to send my email. i have not been able to get the bellsouth accounts to send. I can receive the Bellsouth yet it will not realy them... Direcway work this AM but again tonight it does not!
  4. the error that keeps coming up is (0x800CCOF) the connection to the serverwaqs interupted.. Any Help??
  5. Have they changed settings with the Hughes net or is anyone experiancing the same?
  6. I rebooted several times with out success - so I sat back for a couple of hours and low and behold it's back - must be a hughesnet thang - seems like eveery Sunday there are problems now.
  7. Transmitter unavaiable due to receive problem - the receiver is locked to the wrong satellite? I did nothing just dropped out a couple of hours ago. Any suggestions??
  8. Bingo, dang wife's cats pulled the power cord from the wireless connections! Thanks guys for being there to help my brain figure some of this out with out calling the dreaded Tech Support!
  9. DW6000 - I have not called tech was hoping it would reset. The bottom 4 lights come up. but the top one, LAN, does not come on.
  10. I am a real novise at this. Don't know? How do you find out? Service was good last night. But absolutely nothing this AM. I have rebooted and repowered several times
  11. Central Mississippi and NO service today - Any one else?
  12. It was easy to find it under OE. I had just done that on my wifes account when I read this. I found it under options/send and receive in the Outlokk tools. I unchecked the boxes to receive in both. I also change the email identity to the accounts i use because I noticed that replied to emails were going to the direcway box. Now I will ereceive No email from direcway but will be able to send them out on it.
  13. I went out of town for three days and came backs to almost 600 spams. Checking the progrss window in outlook. They all came from the directway account. i don't even use that account. just have to have it to make the others work!
  14. VIRUS ALERT! A virus is circulating around the internet generating large amounts of spam emails. Trojan.Ascetic.C is a mass-mailing worm that sends spam to email addresses gathered from the compromised computer. These emails may be in either English or German. Make sure you have updated the virus definitions for your virus scanner(s). Also, do not open and immediately delete any email you receive from unknown sources or with unfamiliar subject lines.
  15. I receive several email accounts with by dway connection. But my gosh, The SPAM from my directway account is unbelievable!! Over 100 per day!
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