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  1. oh, ok, so if there were more pepole from same isp as me with 100 mbit connection, the % would drop then.
  2. Hehe, well, like i said, i guess my isp's avarage speed is set to 10 mbit, cause thats the most comon speed for the host (bredbandsbolaget.se). i don't realy know. I guess testmy.net have to update the speed settings for my isp, so it knows that it is a 100mbit connection it compares with. then i would only run at 65% of my host's avarage speed
  3. Ok, its cool ya, im very satisfied with my speed right now, but im thinking of downgrading to 10 mbit again,, sonce i can't even remember last time i realy used the bandwith that much, i mean, i download movies all the time, and have a download at about 1
  4. i have a 100mbit connection, and i guess that they are showing stats for the more common speed, 10 mbit.. Ask Van Buren, i check my speed threw hes server. and he has same isp as me but the 10 mbit connection. As i said, it isnt cached, and it isnt fake, and i don't lie about it
  5. Hehe, ya,, many times im downloading stuff from internet that i feel like,, "man, this is to fast, i have to slow it down some" Hehe,, anyway,, i tryed to find my old stats,, and i thought that it would be keppt for more then 2 months,, but the only thing i found was this info i paste below,, and since i have so much crap in my computer, and its not tweaked good, my new scores isnt as good as when everything is fresh... How can i get the details like the ones u usualy paste? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Test_Type Test_Score Test_Size COMP_ID 08 Mar 2005 Download 21688 12160 KB 1954338703179 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User_Name User_Host Affiliate Test_ID viceguy bredbandsbolaget.se 8KNFE1BGR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Ok Van,, i will do that, u did mean that i should printscreen the speeds to download them,, right? And Eagle,,,
  7. ya, i used that before,, and it works good,, whats
  8. LOL Eagle,, im soooo sorry,, i wish i could have dialup again, just to make you happy,,NOT.... Hehe But i will downgrade my internet,, i bought this just to "try" it,, and now i did,,it cost much more then 10/10 line,, so now i pay much more, to download movies every other day alittle faster,, it isnt worth it.. And i don
  9. Yo.. Yes, my cap is 100 up and down.. To bad that it doesn't help my gaming against American servers.. When i have a fast download on Direct connect, i download movies with a speed at about
  10. Ok,, check this one out,, a webbrowser that i think has what u want... http://www.tucows.com/preview/316658.html
  11. ya,, im a nice guy,, i answere here to dont know if we thinking of the same thing,,, if you want a new page to open when you click a link,, hold shift down when clicking the link.
  12. Humm,, dont know if we thinking of the same thing,,, if you want a new page to open when you click a link,, hold shift down when clicking the link.
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