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  1. I live NE of LA about 120 miles. My signal strength has been 84 - 92 for a long time. I had trouble with my web accelerator for about 3 weeks. After diredway re-registered the system and gave me a new site ID the best I can get is 71. Realigning the dish is tricky but after some high winds I have done it several times. Works best if you have someone sit in front of the monitor with a walki-talki device. Mine once hit 54 and it did not send or recieve at all! Dennis H
  2. I had trouble with the web accelerator for about 3 weeks with about 3 - 4 hours of phone calls to Direcway - lots of talk but little help! Finally someone there reinstalled my whole system, re-registered with a new site ID and it is now working OK. DHelgoe
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