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  1. I feel your pain and agree with you 100%. I thought the same thing for the few years I was on it. Customers are paying an arm and a leg and should get what they're paying for with the Hughesnet service.
  2. Unfortunately that's typical of HughesNet for just about every customer. You'll just have to live with it unless there are any other alternatives for you.
  3. Bird Fan

    Bye Bye Hughesnet (AGAIN) lol

    haha, one month free is no way near enough to get anyone to stay with HughesNet
  4. Bird Fan

    American Class action filed against Hughesnet

    I thought HughesNet was great as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky?
  5. Bird Fan

    customer care??? NOT!

    Congrats! you'll be so happy when you get it! HughesNet sucks!
  6. Bird Fan

    These speeds Suck

    Yeah, before we switched it got extremely slow during peak hours... take a test early in the morning.
  7. Third Eye is a great song and Bill Hicks was a great comedian. The live version on the Salival cd is almost better. However, 10,000 Days is the best? It's different. I like Lateralus a lot more, but each album is different so it's all about taste. Sorry for the off topic discussion... lol
  8. The first part of the video really hurts it. So many people have to watch it and judge that it's total bullshit just based on the first part, however, parts II and III are much better. Part III is amazing. Especially the Bill Hicks quote at the end.
  9. It's amazing you haven't gotten more replies about this... you need to. this needs to be seen.
  10. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    Can't do that on my router. Linksys WRT54G Ver. 2.
  11. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    All right. I'll do that sometime.
  12. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    I'm sure we're pretty far out. We're about 10 miles from town. I have tried Cablenut in the past and have it set on my wireless laptop which gets around the same speeds. When school starts back up I'll do some 6 AM speed tests.
  13. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    Still hovering around 2.2 on my wired Windows computer with the setting
  14. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    Can you configure it for Mac? And I just tried to do that for my Windows laptop, but it's not possible for wireless connections.
  15. Bird Fan

    Not going as fast as it should be

    Hmmm... I can't seem to find that on my WRT54G router. Help?
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