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  1. My upload speed is about a 1/3 on my Vista machine compared to my XP machine networked to the same router. I tried vanBuren's upload tweak, but it doesn't change anything. Anyone have any ideas? The Vista machine is brand new.
  2. Can I hook up a drive from an older failed comp. to my newer machine so i can access the info. on the old drive? Both comp. are running windows XP.
  3. It will only power up for about a sec or two and then shuts down. Maybe it is the power supply failing?
  4. I had an old computer my son was using for general surfing, etc. For about a week now the CPU fan was making noise.I was out of town for a few days and when I got back, the computer wasn't running. If the fan went, would it stop the computer from operating? I'm pretty sure it isn't the power supply as it tries to fire up for about 2 seconds, and then shuts down. Usually, if a power supply is hooped, you get no response(dead). Anyone got any ideas? Is there a way to test to see if it is the fan?
  5. I would like to request an invite. my e-mail is: falco2033 at gmail dot com. thanks
  6. Sounds good. I have noticed that my computer is noticeably faster so that's a positive!
  7. They didn't find any virus but their was some corrupted windows files. Ended up wiping/re-formatting and installing windows again.
  8. Thanks for everyones help. I gave up and took her to the computer doctor. I will update when I find out what was wrong.
  9. I was hoping it was the graphics card also but I swapped it out but that wasn't my problem.
  10. I can't access the net because I can only run in safe mode(I'm using my old athlon comp. I had networked). The interesting thing is I did both anti-virus and spyware scans in safe mode and my AVG reports that both my shell32.dll and ntoskrnl.exe files have been changed. Anyone know about these two files? I'm thinking my next course of action may be to rebuild my boot.ini file. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I tried everything you listed, but to no avail. I forgot to mention before that I tried using"the last known good configuration" and that didn't work either.
  12. I went to use my computer and the graphics were all funny. I re-booted and it shows the blue screen with the profiles showing. I click on a profile and it says logging on and the theres a flicker and I just briefly see my desktop, then it says"logging off, saving your settings.. and then I'm back to the profile screen again. I can get in using safe mode and did spy and virus scans with no problem. I tried system restore but that didn't help. Anyone have any other ideas?
  13. It's just about impossible to do any on-line gaming on satellite because of the high latency which causes lag.
  14. I would say it might be a congestion issue. With small ISP's, this can be a problem. I have that problem(more users online=slower download speed).
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