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  1. mudmanc4: Sorry your updated didn't go smoothly. I did a lot of research into the programs I most frequently use, and made sure they were compatible... It *is* a kick in the ass missing something. I wanted to follow up on my original slow internet issue in case it might help someone... With initial tests all going well, I figured it was a "done deal" and the update fixed things. However, I started getting similar (and worse) problems under Mountain Lion as I did with Snow Leopard. WTF... Back to the drawing board. I did some more troubleshooting tests I probably should have done
  2. Cool watching your updates Sorry I can't help any since AMD and the installers you are using are completely different beasts from what I've used. Yeah, you'll want to get to at least 10.6.8, and better Lion or ML.
  3. It seems the AMD builds aren't done at the site I have basically followed to do my setup, http://www.tonymacx86.com. I have no idea how other hack sites handle things. Probably similarly. The main things you'll probably run into are video driver issues, and also audio. Plus the AMD cpu of course. Do you have a macbook, or other Mac system available? It dramatically eases the process if you do since some of the legwork can be done there. In fact, if I remember correctly you might need to get a Snow Leopard install working at some point prior to upgrading the system to Mountain L
  4. Hey Mudmanc4, Heck, I'd still be on 10.6.8 if this Internet speed thing didn't come up--as well as more and more software requiring newer versions. I don't know enough about 10.8.3 yet to say how I feel. I did need to go and change some default settings, and reinstall some programs, but I did an update over SnowLeopard. Of course, I did that on a bootable clone of the original drive. I don't think I'll ever update without doing that first. Even on my Macbook Pro I cloned the internal to an external usb drive and tested that I could boot from it before continuing. Would be a great
  5. I know it's been a while, so here's the followup: After trying pretty much everything... New drivers, cloned drive and drastic experiments, etc... NOTHING helped to fix this problem under Snow Leopard. I did see that my Macbook Pro that usually had good test results would do the same thing briefly--So it would show fast, then slow if I *immediately* retested, but even then it sped up a little bit partway through the test. So, I bit the bullet and upgraded the MacBook Pro to Mountain lion, and that went relatively smoothly. The problem seemed to be fully gone (not that it was very p
  6. Wow! First off, thanks for everyone's input. It's very much appreciated! Right now I'm cloning my main boot drive, and then will feel more comfortable experimenting with drivers and such. Been meaning to do this recently anyhow. Right now there's a "Supplemental Update" and a "Security Update" pending from Apple which I've been too tired to deal with installing--my one dislike of the whole Hackintosh scene is dealing with updates and making sure they don't break anything! So, that's one place that *might* fix something somehow. I will also then test another network driver per y
  7. I've been trying to figure out what is causing test results to basically act like they are being throttled, when none is being done at the ISP. Background: I have 2 Mac OS X machines. One is a MacBook Pro, and one is a Hackintosh Desktop. Both are Snow Leopard. On the MacBook Pro, I get pretty consistent test results within what I'd expect from my 50/5 service via Charter Business. The "Business" portion is important because they do not limit in amount/speed at all. On the Desktop machine, which is my main machine, I can get good results one time (eg 58/5), but then upon ret
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