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    billiejackfu got a reaction from CA3LE in Frontier FiOS (Verizon Former) Oregon   
    If you have Frontier FiOS in Oregon and you're disappointed with your mediocre speeds, contact customer support and ask for a better deal. If they have nothing to offer you (don't get angry) calmly ask for a supervisor. 
    Our old plan. Phone, Internet, TV ($30, $39.99, $82.99 + boxes, taxes, fees = $191.00)
    35Mbps D, 15Mbps U
    Our new plan. Internet, TV ($13, $82.99, + box, taxes, fees = $128)
    100Mbps D, 100Mbps U
    At first we wanted just internet and TV 50/50 package, but when I asked for the supervisor the rep put me on hold and came back with a better (promotional) offer for 100/100 & TV. So we went with that.
    Would also like to point out that they didn't extend our contract, and waived the $100 phone disconnect fee. 
    So getting 100D/100U for $13/month is pretty nice. 
    They'll be here Thursday to install the new ONT (the old ones BPON is 2004 technology and can't handle the 100 TX/RX). 
    No additional charges, fees, contracts, or BS.
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