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Frontier FiOS (Verizon Former) Oregon

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If you have Frontier FiOS in Oregon and you're disappointed with your mediocre speeds, contact customer support and ask for a better deal. If they have nothing to offer you (don't get angry) calmly ask for a supervisor. 


Our old plan. Phone, Internet, TV ($30, $39.99, $82.99 + boxes, taxes, fees = $191.00)

35Mbps D, 15Mbps U


Our new plan. Internet, TV ($13, $82.99, + box, taxes, fees = $128)

100Mbps D, 100Mbps U


At first we wanted just internet and TV 50/50 package, but when I asked for the supervisor the rep put me on hold and came back with a better (promotional) offer for 100/100 & TV. So we went with that.


Would also like to point out that they didn't extend our contract, and waived the $100 phone disconnect fee. 


So getting 100D/100U for $13/month is pretty nice. 


They'll be here Thursday to install the new ONT (the old ones BPON is 2004 technology and can't handle the 100 TX/RX). 


No additional charges, fees, contracts, or BS.



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Where abouts in oregon are you??

I am in milwaukie and I was told no service on west side of I-205 which I happen to be on by about 15 blocks lol


Hillsboro, Frontier is also testing 1GB residential service in Beaverton (the tech told me today). It will be on a new system, the ONT and Router will be in the same unit; placed in your garage. You can still run multiple routers from the gateway just like the old system. 


I'm getting wonky results from this site because the closest server is San Jose (Didn't there used to be Seattle server?)


Anyway I'm beta testing for speedtest (html5 test vs flash):



On testmy I'm only supposedly getting 40 d/u

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