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  1. I remember seeing a story on TV about a man who, piece by piece, ate a bicycle. I bet there isn
  2. For all the space enthusiasts, here are some of Hubble
  3. Area 51 is clearer now in Google earth, looks like a newer image. Take a look for yourself; you can see planes and everything (sorry no UFOs
  4. .

    Ice Drive

    Oh s**t that's funny. It gives a new meaning to liquid cooled PC!
  5. I was asleep. My cousin called and asked, "do you have the TV on?
  6. ...or was it... Any site that asks for your: Name: Address: City, State, ZIP: Email Address: Phone #: ...could also be a scam / spam magnet. If anyone is sure it's not, then enter your info and see what happens.
  7. Then maybe we should buy stock in air-conditioning companies and then at least we can fry rich.
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