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  1. Hi again, Just reporting back as I said I would. I never got that call back from my ISP, but it seems as though the issue is resolved. I've been able to stream daily for the past week or so at 3k bitrate, all day long, 0 dropped frames or any sort of indicators of interruption in service. My speeds on testmy.net are not much different, but don't seem to have nearly as much variance as before. While they aren't the speeds that I am being quoted, they are certainly sufficient for my needs, and apparently there was an actual ingress problem somewhere on the system end that they were able to l
  2. Well, he came and went, couldn't identify any issues locally at my house, however, someone back at "the department" was quickly able to find some serious ingress problems on the system. Sounds like it's enough to cause the problems I've been seeing, without knocking out my modem entirely. Hopefully this fixes it, they should have someone out there within 48 hours. Thanks for your help, I'll report back just for consistency.
  3. No worries, thanks for the help. He's coming shortly so I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. Arranged for a technician to stop by tomorrow morning... now just for hoping that I can reproduce the issues when he's here. Thanks again for your help, if you have any suggestions as to things I should tell him let me know. I know they can be pretty frustrating to deal with sometimes, listening only to speedtest.net like a bunch of uneducated folks.
  5. Thanks for the reply, TriRan. I do in fact stream at 720p, but I have an issue with dropping frames even when I'm just streaming my desktop, or heck even nothing for that matter. I did as you suggested and connected the streaming PC directly to the modem and ran it earlier today, literally just streaming my desktop at 720p through a capture card and repeatedly had the same issues. The dropping of frames I believe is related directly to the upload spiking, as the bitrate drops drastically (sometimes down to 0kbps) during the stream, followed by about 100~ frames dropped while it gets back up to
  6. Hi all, Hoping some of you may be of assistance, although I'm fairly confident my issue is on my ISP's end and they fail to acknowledge it. I've been live streaming on a daily basis using Open Broadcaster Software (and have also posted this on their tech support forums) for over a year now with great success; only in the past few weeks have I started to have frame drop issues with no major changes to my settings to cause it. Some days (like Thursday), it is terrific. I streamed for many hours at 3k bitrate CBR with absolutely 0 dropped frames the entire time. Yesterday, I couldn't even get
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