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  1. I have grown VERY suspicious of fluctuations in my connection. Last night couldn't get over 5 Mbps ...today at 30 Mbps, which is well over typical results. I have 60 Mbps service. I am going to drag cableone out here AGAIN and make them track it down. Typically they claim it is due to have a splitter in cable line ....which I am tired of hearing. Removing them doesn't seem to make any real difference. It seems that I should get consistent readings in high 30s at least given my connection speed.
  2. I currently have my router set to allow it to "auto" pick what channel to run on. Ostensibly this should allow it to be on whatever channel has the least amount of interference. However it seems some channels, for instance 10, run slower than others. Any thoughts on whether I am better off picking a channel manually or leaving it set to auto ????? Download :: 35 Mbps 4.4 MB/s Upload :: 2.1 Mbps Hmmmmm .... So I manually set router to what appears to be clearest channel, one of the best results yet ...... Channel 5, extension channel 9. Whatever extension channel means since this is an n router single channel. Thought it was a dual when I bought it ...oopsies.
  3. Thank you for that tip ! Gives me a good way to decipher "best" speed. My router is not in the best place for sure, some sorta weird dead spot. Currently router is set to auto channel selection; I am suspicious that my dead spot is engendered by interference from a strong signal in apartment above me. I have tried to set my channel manually, however apparently dude upstairs is doing the same, or more likely his router is on auto as well because his channel seems to bounce around defeating my manual sets lol. Unfortunately there are only 2 cable outlets in my 1000 sq foot or so apartment. Currently router is in my man cave where it can also be hooked by Ethernet to my old desktop, x box 1 and x box 360. Were I to move salient router to the other cable connection basically everything would have to be on wireless, WHICH IT SEEMS WOULD DECREASE SPEED ON THOSE THREE DEVICES ?. I am strongly considering either a range extender for current router, or just going all out and getting an AC router, ANY INPUT APPRECIATED.
  4. I am somewhat educated about computers, however netwoks both ineterst and confuse me. I have cableone as ISP and am paying a bit extra for speeds "up to" 60 Mbps. I have NEVER had a test come back daster than 28 Mbps and typically see results between 18 and 22, My position with Cableone is that this is unacceptable whilst they repeatedly use the phrase "up to." I realize that expecting results of @ 60 Mbps is not realistice, but think my results are bs. I just purchased my own Motorola SB 6141 and have a Belkin F5D 8235-4 which to my chagrin is a N standard but not dual channel. I have an X box one, and 360 hooke to a wired connection as well as an old XP desktop. Wireless is a Toshibe Win 8.1 laptop, an old RCA N standard streaming box to tv, and couple of android telephones. I am trying to educate myself as to these issues prior to any further arguments with Cableone as aithout further knowledge I am at huge disadvantage lol. I purchased the cable modem to save $$ but as important to me is speeding up and making system as effeicient as possible Is the 18 - 22 test reults okay, or is that slow ? Any basic tips as to setup of equipment for me ?. Does the speed of my router effect the speed tests, i.e. if i upgraded to a dueal channel N, or better yet an AC router, would my numbers go up. I am interested in upgrading router. Thanks for any help or feed back. I have looked ALL over the internet and this is by far the best site AND testing I have found by FAR. BELOW IS MOST RECENT AND TYPICAL SPEED TEST: Download :: 26.9 Mbps 3.4 MB/s
  5. As an aside I have NEVER found 2 speed tests that wind up giving results that are anywhere near consistent.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how some folks immediately jump to unpleasant accusations if they disagree with someone. What happened to the days when people had differences of opinion and actually discussed it in a productive and polite way,
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