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  1. The Windows version is also now available from the same link.
  2. Version 4.4.1 is now available for Linux and Mac OS X users. It contains the V4.4 fixes, plus + Fixes service startup problems. + Allows Motosat users to configure the service to continue to look for the modem, instead of giving up after one try. + Fixes a problem where the service would start, and then go to sleep. Windows users, these fixes will be available soon!
  3. I didn't know that someone else had already created on. I wrote this one my self, so it's not a copy of the DSLreports version.
  4. I've created a free tool to allow you to remotely reset your DW6000. No more power-cycling required! Go to http://www.millham.net/dw6000 and click on DW6000 tools.
  5. The topic is now gone. What was said?
  6. I just uploaded a new version with 2 minor fixes.
  7. You know, I hate sites that hide, or make if dificult to find the pricing for their product. I can't believe I did that! I've updated the page.
  8. I've just uncovered a bug that would cause the service to not start on occasion.
  9. Hi all, I thought that I'd add a little more to this. The free version is limited to displaying the bucket information. If you'd like to see the full power of this, please request a key for the "Free 30 Day Trial" To do this, go to the system where you installed the service (or server), and start the client (if it isn't already running). Select "Register : Get Registration Key" Fill out the form, and for your version, select "Free 30 day trial" You will then receive your free trial key. To active the trial, click on "Register : Enter Registration Key" and fill out the form. At this point, you will have the full working version (for 30 days)
  10. Did you install the server/service portion on one system? That's what gathers the data from the DW6000. What OS are you running? Can you access the DW6000 Control Panel ( I hope this helps!
  11. Hi all, You can now download a FAP monitor for the DW6000 from <see signature (soon)> This monitor does more than just monitor FAP.
  12. I'm still looking for a few more test users. E-mail or PM me if you'd like to join in! If you have versions downloaded prior to last night, you will probably want to download the latest versions. They are available on the same page you downloaded from previously.
  13. It does seem slow tonight, but it's not as bad for me compaired to what you just saw. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 512 Kbps about 0.5 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB) Download Speed is:: 63 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Tue Feb 15 20:04:08 EST 2005 Bottom Line:: 9X faster than 56K 1MB download in 16.25 sec Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 61.46 % of your hosts average (direcpc.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/id-OD6NUTLFR
  14. There are still plenty of testing spots available, e-mail or PM me if you's like to try it! If you are using it, thank you for testing!
  15. I have a FAP monitor available for the DW600. It's still in early testing stages, so I'm limiting the offer for this monitor to the first 20 people who respond. I'm limiting availability because I don't have the resources to answer lots of questions about it. While I'm confident that it's stable, I also want to limit availability until I know for sure that it's stable. BTW, this package has been tested by, and has The Reverends seal of approval! If you are interested, please e-mail me. A general release should be available in a few weeks (depending on how testing goes!)
  16. If you have a DW6000, a hub or switch will work fine. Any other type, and you will still need a hub/switch, and ICS on the host (from what I hear. I have a DW6000, and have never used the others)
  17. They appologized for sending me to never-never land, and connected me to a supervisor. He apoligized also, and said he would make a change, watch the light on the modem. Now my speeds are from 500-800Kbps. Not like the 1100 last night, but better. They still won't admit that there is a problem with G3C 1420. He did say that they will have advanced support call me tomorrow night at 7PM. We'll see what happens from that....
  18. My speeds on G3C 1420 were in the 1000-1100 range last night. Tonight, when I got home, they were in the 600-700 range. OK, no problem, congestion. At 10PM EST, speeds were 100-200, not acceptible, so I call Dway again. After about 1 hour on the phone, I working with advanced support (and speeds are now down to about 30-60). He has me reboot my system in Safe-mode (with networking). Same results. Asks me to hold. After about 10 minutes, I'm disconnected. So I call back. Now I'm told that advanced support is closed, and if my call was on hold at the time that they close, that's probably why I was disconnected. I demand a supervisor. I've been listening to ringing for about 15 minutes at this time (11:47PM Est) I'm stuborn, so I'm hanging up, and trying again....
  19. OK, I won't use TurboMozilla anymore. However, I did like the tabbed browsing feature, and it does seem faster at accessing https pages.
  20. More interesting info. The above speed tests were done using TurboMozilla. I asked Dway support wich browser to use, he said either. I just tested with IE, and am getting downloads of 1200kps.. As a sanity check, I just downloaded a 1.8M file using command line FTP. The speed for that download was 70kps.
  21. Interesting... Something just changed after I got off the phone with Dway. My last test to testmy when I was on the phone with them was 222Kbps. Now it's 563kps, just tested again, 800kbs, and a final test 654kps. Strange that there is no problem, but my speed just jumped!
  22. I just called Dway to complain. They say there is no problem with G3C 1420, and insisted that I disconnect my switch (which is a dumb switch)_ before they could work on the problem further. I explained that the switch works fine; file xfers to the other 2 PC don't have problems. The switch has no forewall software. They refused to send me to level 2 support, since I wouldn't (really practically can't tonight) bypass the switch. I'll bypass to tomorrow evening, and try again.
  23. I've seen comments that the DW6000 is optimized for IE. I've been using the special Dway TurboMozilla, and it seems that for browsing (especially to https sites) to be faster that IE. Has anyone else played with TurboMozilla? Brian DW6000 1420 Signal Strength 74 | W2K Pro Athlon 1.2 overclocked to 1.6
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