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  1. supersteven


    I used the removal method and the autoupdate still doesn't recognize it. It does the same thing in both slots. It cut out after I installed the SATA controller that the Microsoft Update wanted. The only other card I have is my PCI Express Radeon X1900. The only USB device is my mouse but I'll try it.
  2. supersteven


    I tried all those things and the autoupdate still doesn't recognize it. The card itself is a Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtrememusic. Windows still recognizes it as a Multimedia Audio Controller though.
  3. supersteven


    Ok, I did that. Now Windows still recognizes it as that but none of the Creative installers detect it at all.
  4. supersteven


    Never even thought about that. I'll try that,
  5. supersteven


    I ran it and it installed the Audio Console program, but the card still comes up as a Multimedia Audio Controller and it says the drivers aren't installed.
  6. supersteven


    I guess this thing is faster than a Tempo, but still. I'm gonna try that right now. Merry Christmas too, by the way.
  7. supersteven


    BSODS are gone!! However, now my sound card drivers suddenly dissapeared won't install. The computer sees my Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi as a "Multimedia Audio Controller". I tried reinstalling the drivers both with the CD Rom and off the Creative site and both the EXE installers either say they can't find the right device or they install the drivers but the sound card still isn't recognized. I tried to pull the driver config settings off the CD and installing them manually but the computer won't have that. I'm starting to get angry. I think I built a damn Ford Tempo. >
  8. I have Kaspersky on my other computer but I'm running AVG on here now(damn blacklist) and it has been pretty awesome.
  9. supersteven


    Ok it didn't have anything about my LAN driver, but it didn't like my SATA controller one and updated that. Hopefully this helps. And yeah, this site is amazing. It's the only tech forum I've been to where people don't get yelled at to search for old topics when they have problems.
  10. supersteven


    Am doing right now. Thanks a ton for the help, by the way. You're a Godsend.
  11. supersteven


    No, I'm updating them through the ASUS site. Yes, I'm still getting errors. I'm using the onboard NIC on my mobo. It's a Marvell Yukon
  12. supersteven


    Ok, it's still happening. The driveragent keeps saying my LAN drivers are bad, even though I have kept updating them.
  13. supersteven


    Ok I installed some ones that it seems I missed, including an IDE one and another SATA controller one I think. Hopefully this fixes it.
  14. supersteven


    Will do right now. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, internet was out last night. It's been a great week. >_>
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