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  1. in the past few days I've received many (like 50 or more) port scans from the same IP address. Is there anyone I can report them to or any way I can find out who is scanning me so much?
  2. look at your device manager and see if there is a yellow question mark by your audio. If you need the ac97 drivers for your sound you can get them at www.driverguide.com registraion is free and you can download as much as you need.
  3. yibbleyab

    IRQL error

    Hey all I just reformated my comp and while everything seems ok I've been getting a "blue screen of death" like once or twice a night for the last few days. the error itself is: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Now I have no idea what this means and any scans I've done ( norton systemworks, or adaware) have all come back ok. Is there anything I have to do to fix this annoying problem?
  4. no I just like my privacy.
  5. So i found out that if you double click where the arrow points, you'll get your buttons back
  6. I was playing a game online when something caused it to shut down. When I opened the task manager to make sure it wasnt still running and this is how my task manager was displayed. Notice the lack of buttons on the northern regions. If anyone knows how to view the buttons again I'd sure like to know
  7. would I be able to use this file as my boot.ini ?
  8. ok so the comp is set to NTFS not FAT32. I wasnt able to run the chkdsk until restart and everything came back ok. Also the fixboot and fixmbr didnt work from the CMD. Is it possible I have a virus that Norton, Spysweeper, and Adaware arent picking up? Man I feel like a noob not being able to figure this out
  9. First off I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong place but I didn't know if there was a more specific place to make this topic
  10. If you're on Rogers Express arent your supposed to be getting the 5 Meg connection?
  11. Glad I could help. I have noticed that once every 6 months or so I do have to run it again (Rogers reset thier servers maybe ?? ). But its not something you need to worry about running all the time. And remember "We're all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice."
  12. Well Duffman when I started I was just like you.
  13. yeah Tim I already tried to re-install the drivers but unfortunatly I dont have a windows Xp pro disk. I got the computer with the OS already on here and I dont trust downloading the OS ( wether torrent or other p2p sharing) since my uncle lost all his information due to a bad copy. Since it is everytime I try to go to My Comp and highlight either my CD or DVD drives and hit file ( or try to right click on them for properties) do you think I could get away with a windows repair? and if so do I need the same disc that was used on this comp or can I use any copy to do it?
  14. already checked the Device manager and theres no Dupe's. And I dont know how many times I restarted this thing
  15. If you mean the MSN messenger update then I had the same problem. Uninstall messenger in your add/remove programs, restart, and go to msn.com to re-download. All my contacts stayed even after the uninstall so dont worry about having to re-build your list Good Luck
  16. For the last week for so I've been having problems when I try to get into the properites of my CD and/or my DVD drive (2 seperate drives) Every time I highlight one of the drives and go to file, I get a Dr Watson error followed by a Windows error. My system then freezes until I open my task manager and end process on the 2 drwatson.exe's that running. Usually this takes me back to my desktop and closes any toolbars I have open (like my quicklaunch). Same routine if I try to right-click on either of them. For what its worth this also happens on my a: as well but I'm really not that con
  17. I personally didnt notice a large difference in anything on my computer when I installed SP2 but I'm only on-line for gameing and file sharing, so I dont know how this would limit you if your running a business (?).
  18. I would just like to thank the people(s) involved in getting this site going/continuing. I have been looking for "this site" for about 4 [email protected]@king years now
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