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  1. Post a pic of you downloading something. lol
  2. Clear Cache, reboot modem and computer.
  3. I can't see any of his screenshots. can someone post them.
  4. Look at the all his speedtests average and not one day has he got above 10 mbps and look at his only link posted, no name on it which means it could be anyones.
  5. Ok , look at your inconsistency and actually get a test score that says your id name on your download, stop posting fake stuff.
  6. lol look at his tests , they don't even match up and that is not even his test.
  7. lol that is no basic package and that is the worst line ever then. Look at your averages and tell me you have a consistent line, Bs those are definetly cached and wow you lie about them,Real Sad. And that isn't even your test lol, your such a liar. :haha:
  8. Your line is messed up if your missing 500 up and down, what is your trace route to Testmy.net like?
  9. What do you mean your lucky, that is the basic 5/384 and speeds are decent but not lucky!
  10. So your telling me if your sucking up alot of bandwidth all the time and affecting other people on your node, they are not going to cap you for what your doing, ok , good luck with that.
  11. I got a 145.5, what does this mean?
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