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  1. there is a program called frets on fire, i have never used it but i know some have
  2. thats sweet, much better than my stick figures
  3. Well it turns out that my mom had some Dell coupons from her business so I ended up getting the Dell for $282 shipped which seems like a good deal for me. Now I just cant wait for it to get here
  4. On Samsung's website the monitor comes with a 3 year warranty, so if something happens do you think I will be able to go back to Bestbuy and get a new one or will I have to ship it Samsung? Curious about this before I buy a warranty from Bestbuy that I dont need. I would assume that if I have dead pixels out of the box I have a few days to return it to Bestbuy.
  5. Ive priced it out and going to Bestbuy in person would be cheaper than ordering off Newegg or Tigerdirect. I think Ill be going with the Samsung
  6. I was still thinking of getting the Samsung because I could go get it tommorow and not have to wait for the Dell to get shipped. Unless you guys think the Dell monitor is a much better deal I think Ill go pick up the Samsung tommorow
  7. I was looking at getting the Samsung 225BW from Bestbuy because I have a gift card. Then I saw this Dell LCD posted on another forum, which do you think will be a better monitor. Price doesnt really matter because they will come out to be the same. Samsung 225BW Dell E228WFP
  8. anybody know of any sites that would show me how to setup a proxy. i know how to port forward my router and i can access the proxy options on my phone so i think ill be able to do it.
  9. Has anyone given this free internet hack a try? i think i will once i learn how to access the menu on my phone and how to set up a proxy
  10. no particular one, just as many as i can find. what did you seach at youtube?
  11. does anybody know where they have the sonic commercials online? ive looked a bunch of places including youtube but havent found them. maybe someone else will know where they are.
  12. how would i check this, i have never dealt with dsl. i figured cable is the same as dsl but i guess its not.
  13. didnt even think of system restore ill try that the next time i go over there. not sure how they set up the dsl, i went over there and it was all plugged in. im assuming they plugged it in and then used the cd that came with the modem.
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