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  1. A less pricey solution is Ubiquite - WIFISTATION-EXT WLAN USB 802.11g/n 1000mW EXT http://www.ispsupplies.com/categories/2GHz-CPE-AP-Bridge/WIFISTATION-EXT.html I got one to extend the range to a remote building on our property. The signal went from 3-6 MB/Sec to 54 MB/sec. I also got a 18dBi antenna to replace the stock 6dBi omni (included). It has a 4m USB connection. I mounted it on the wall and it just works.
  2. Are all of these improvements for the 9000 series modems only, or do those of us on the Ku Band get to see some of these gains also? Overall the service is very usable and I'm grateful I have it (ProPlus + fixed IP). The 11PM to 4AM PDT FAP free download is also a huge improvement.
  3. I'm having upload problems and very high transmit error rates (about 25%). Called Direcway and the guy told me he would love to help me troubleshoot my problem but IA8 is having problems (at least on transponder 1150 MHz). DW7000 Pro Account w/fixed IP .74 mtr dish Rcv strength steady 67 Cross Pol 78
  4. http://www.gnucleus.com/Gnucleus/ Open Source and clean!
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