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    A little late with a response, mainly cause I was trying to figure out the best way to explain it, without taking up half a page..

         On the fateful day, I was sent to a administration building for a school, which shall remain nameless for now, to fix a refrigeration line that the non-english speaking workers decided to cut through because they were "dee dee dee".
         Mind you, I was not supposed to be the one to go to this job either, as I was turned around from my previous destination.
         So, I arrived at the building, met the supervisor to get the 411, and he directed me to the roof hatch(pictured below in case you don't know what it is..access to a flat commercial roof).
         The hatch was located in a closet, filled with janitorial supplies, mops, tools, and also one of the main electrical panels.  There is a steel ladder which is mounted to the concrete wall.  This runs up to the roof hatch.
         So I attempted to climb the ladder to access the hatch, as I was directed to do so by the supervisor of the particular building...

         Well, I got to the top of the ladder, and reached out for the handle on the roof hatch, and POW! It grabbed my hand, and sucked me in.
    At this point I knew what was happening, and I tried everything in my power to free myself, but the juice was going from my right hand, across my chest, and out my left hand to start.  Then as I tried to use my legs(which were still free, thanks to rubber soles), to bash my head into the hatch(was trying to break my arm off..Not figuratively, but literally).  Eventually my shins got stuck to the ladder, and I lost all ability to move...I guess people in the building either saw the lights flickering, or heard me thrashing around.  I thought I had screamed, but witnesses said they only heard me for a second(I think my mind was screaming, but since my chest muscles were contracting uncontrollably, I could not scream).
         The hatch was live because the morons on the roof decided to start ripping the roof apart without reading the plans(oh wait they couldn't read or write or speak english).  Basically, they left a live wire touching the roof hatch, and removed the ground for the roof hatch, therefore leaving the electric no where to go, until someone grabbed the hatch.  The power was for all the exterior lighting for the building..
         Eventually I began to beg to put an end to it..I don't mean just stop the pain, I actually was begging to die.  Let's just say it takes a lot of pain to wish death upon yourself.  Just as I began to lose any hope, I heard a loud pop(which till this day, I am not sure what it was..I believe it may have been me hitting the floor). 
         The supervisor must have realized what was happening, and he turned to building power off..Problem was, the main panel was in the closet I was in, and if he had gotten to close to me, both of us would have been killed...So he had to get the key for electrical room in the basement, then get to the basement, open the door, and turn it off...Took about two and a half minutes(one and a half of which I think I was conscious).
         They carried me outside the building(which was totally dark now), and I preceded to spit blood everywhere(thought I bit my tongue, but I just popped blood vessels in my mouth).  I thought I was fine,  , all I wanted to do was get my keys from my truck(i have no idea why).  And I kept asking who was going to take care of my ferret(I think shock was settting in).
         Eventually the ambulance came, and gave me a ride to the nearest hospital, where they pumped me full of morphine, and ran every test under the sun.  Then I spent a few days in cardiac care, until my blood levels were back with in normal range.
         I got lucky as hell, by all accounts I should be 6 ft under.  There were little things in my favor.  I am thin, I was not soaked in sweat yet, and I was young.  Doctors said had I been either: 10lbs heavier, wet or 10 years older, I probably would have been cooked.
          For the most part, I came through it OK.  I had a heart attack, but so far tests have shown it is ok.  I lost nerves in several parts of my body.  Below is how they fixed the thumb nerve(looks a lot better now).
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