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  1. If each person who stole it had bought it, they would make more profit, therefore, IMO, it does take away from their profits.
  2. If there is any kind of competition, being able to offer a lower price and make the same profit would be beneficial to a company. Less theft=less cost=more profit=being able to offer the item at a lower price, while keeping the same profits. If you offer the same item at a lower price than the next guy, you will sell more, and therefore make even more profit.
  3. If less people stole, the items would cost less for the rest of us.. Stores/companies charge more to cover theft. So basically the people who buy items instead of stealing are paying for their own item and for a percentage of one that is stolen.
  4. Do you have replacement insurance? I have the insurance that will replace the phone if it is damaged, lost, or stolen...But they won't fix it ..In other words, if it is acting funny, they will do nothing, but if you lose it/break it, they will give you a new one... The verizon guy actually told me to give my phone a bath, and then send it back for replacement So I went down to the atlantic ocean to do some surf casting and "accidentally" dropped it in the water...Ooops.. Funny part was, I dried it out, and the phone actually started working fine ..But since the moisture indicator by the battery showed it got wet, they replaced it. Had a new phone in 2 days..
  5. Goto Run/cmd and enter " chkdsk c: /f /r " (without quotes, and 'c' being your drive letter)... Select yes, and then reboot.. It will take a while, but should fix errors and locate bad sectors..
  6. Actually it can cause a brown out condition. As voltage drops, amp draw increases. Some items may just not work, but some may be damaged. PSU's are vulnerable to brown out conditions. Plus, many surge protectors do not protect against brown outs(which is why a UPS is a good idea). I see it happen all the time in the summer with transformers..If demand for power is very high, the power company decreases their output voltage. This is fine, until it drops too low. Then transformers become very hot, and sometimes either melt or explode.
  7. Where did you buy your monitor? I purchased one a while back that had a dead pixel. I brought it back and exhanged it with no problem. Hopefully the place you got it from has a good exchange/return policy. Did you add the widescreen command to your BF2 shorcut? The target of the shortcut should look somewhat like this: "C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2BF2.exe" +menu 1 +widescreen 1 +szx 1024 +szy 768
  8. I have one program that I technically own, but lost the serial key to...So I guess I'm sort of illegally using it, but I did pay for it.. I have legal copies of x86/x64 XP Pro, and Vista Ultimate 64
  9. As good as always...My ping is 5ms on our BF2 server People ask if I am sitting on the server. Only problem is my speed tests don't work right with x64 for some reason I download/upload to my ftp at full speeds, and other speed tests show correctly, but for some reason this test gets stuck on me...Only happens with x64 XP
  10. Same day as mine! Happy Belated B-Day! Happy Valentines Day TMN!
  11. Posting seems to be better the past day... Most have gone straight through now.. Edit: I jinxed myself It sat for 40 seconds or so..
  12. If you got lucky, you may have just fried that other power supply, and the new one you put in may not be auto switching... I haven't seen any that don't have a switch, and are not auto switching, but I am sure they make them... Did you give the old power supply the sniff test...You can do the same for the motherboard. Sometimes you can either visually see the damage, or you can smell it...If you have ever smelled a roasted transformer, you have an idea of what the smell is like.... While I doubt this is the case, have you tried to short out the 2 pins for the power switch? It's most likely not the problem, but it is something that could cause it not to start at all I've only had one switch go on me, but you never know... What is the make/model of the new psu? Edit: You can also open up that old power supply, and see if there is a blown fuse in it...I'm not sure if all have visible fuses, but I know some do. Maybe you got lucky and blew the fuse before any damage was done.
  13. Do you have a home stereo receiver? You can use a 3.5mm to RCA jack, http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat%5Fid=2009&sku=03180 , and use one of the RCA inputs on the receiver. I use a cheap home stereo receiver/speaker combo I got a walmart to run my pc sound. It has optical/coaxial/etc. I use the optical out from the X-Fi to the receiver, and it sounds great.. I'm not sure if they make anything super cheap that will amplify, and has an optical in....If you look around, you can find a pretty cheap home stereo receiver . Most have optical now. They may make an amplifier specifically for your needs, but I haven't been able to locate it. I'm not even sure if it would be any cheaper than just buying a home stereo receiver.
  14. You may have simulated a brown out, which could have damaged parts within the pc... Did your original power supply have a switch on it for 110/220? And was it set to 220 when you plugged into the 120? If the power supply was autoswitching, it shouldn't have done any damage, but if it had a switch, and it was in the wrong position, I believe it's very possible you could have damaged something. You put in a new power supply, and nothing changed? Does the pc make any noises/beeps/etc? Do any fans come on? Did you try to clear the cmos? Remove any pci cards, and unplug your hard drives and any usb devices, and see if anything happens...If it comes alive with everything removed, replace one by one until the problem arises again.
  15. What did you accidentally plug into where? Do you live in the US? I know some countries use 220/230/240 in a single line instead of 2x120 in the US. If this is the case, psu's sometimes have a switch on the back for 110/220v. Some have auto-switching... What is the normal household voltage?
  16. The post seems to happen instantly....Meaning if I hit post, then click stop on the page, and re-enter the thread, the post is there. It just doesn't seem to forward me.. Its all good...Overall, the site seems much quicker.. Edit: Opposite for me lol..Post hung, edit went instantly..But like I posted above, the actual post happens instantly, it just seems to be not forwarding me...
  17. Edit of Edit: The edit works instantly, but all my initial posts hang for about a minute. Edit of Edit of Edit: Well that odd..If I quote someone, the post goes through instantly..
  18. Testing Testing... Edit: Initial post hung for about 45-60 seconds...Seems to do it to me everytime, except when I edit a post.
  19. That liquid can give you frostbite(it is the propellant)....Notice how fast that liquid disapears..That is because the boiling point of that propellant is waaaay lower than the ambient temperature. It does not evaporate, it boils. This means if you get it on your hand/finger/etc, it will boil, while drawing large amounts of heat away from your skin(change of state uses a lot of energy). Whatever the boiling point of that propellant is, will be the temperature on your finger until it boils away. Refrigerants such as R22 boil at around -40 deg F(under normal atmospheric pressure). So, if you get liquid R22 on your finger, it will be at -40 deg F until it boils away. I have a few fingers that have nice refrigerant burns on them..While the propellant used in air cans probably does not have such a low boiling point, it is low enough to cause skin damage. Once your skin gets to 32 and below, you risk damage. While the chance of accidentally getting frostbite with air cans is remote, it is possible if you are careless.
  20. I'm having some trouble with the page hanging when posting... It seems to post, but the page sits there indefinitely. I just hit stop, re-enter the thread, and the post is there. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't... Edit: it hung that time...Edit/Save seems to post ok most of the time.
  21. Have you tried switching which port that computer is connected to? Perhaps that one port on the router is wacky Also make sure the nic drivers are up to date. If the nic is not onboard(ie: pci nic card), try swapping with another pc and see what happens..Or if you don't have another one, just install it in another pc, and see if that pc has the same problem... If it's only that pc doing it, it's either the nic card, the network cable itself, or perhaps the router. Could be spyware/virus related as well...Never know. Are you using a different firewall? (have you changed recently etc)
  22. CPU Q-Fan Control and Cool n Quiet are different.. (I'm assuming you may not know this) There should be a setting to disable Cool n Quiet in bios...Perhaps your board is different. The settings for Cool n Quiet and CPU Q-Fan Control are not in the same place under my bios. They are actually under totally different categories...Next time I reboot and remember to enter bios I will check where..
  23. For some reason, it sounds like a myth/urban legend to me, but I suppose anything is possible these days.... Upon doing a thesis last fall, I learned some very interesting facts involving HIV/Aids. Up to 10% of Europeans are resistant to HIV(some of European decent have been found to have this mutation as well). It is due to a CCR5-delta 32 mutation that traces back to the Middle Ages. It is believed that the "Black Death", and other illnesses of the time caused the frequency of the mutation to increase from 1 in 20,000 during the Middle Ages to 1 in 10 today in Europe. It also suggests that the "Black Death" was viral in nature(hemorrhagic fever etc), and NOT bubonic plague(bacterial) as has always been believed. Some very interesting stuff.
  24. Thanks man...It wasn't being cooperative with me (ahh the spaces..now I see )
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