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  1. coolbuster2007

    Post your PLDT My DSL Scores

    hi. checking on the screenshot, i found out that your computer is infected by the ravmon virus follow steps given below and you will be free from Ravmon.exe virus.
  2. coolbuster2007

    Very Slow speed in Smarbro, need help

    here's how to change the color code fr0stbound posted this but i can't find the main post
  3. coolbuster2007

    ultrasurf firefox plug in and google web accelerator,,,

    there's only one way to find out and that is to try them both side by side
  4. coolbuster2007

    SmartBro problems in Davao

    no reply to my proposal. so i see you are not interested for an EB during the holidays?
  5. coolbuster2007

    Internet Disconnects When Phone Rings ON DSL!!!

    hello i am not from your country so im not familiar how your dsl system works. but i'm sure there is someone in the forum who can help you with connectivity problems. welcome to testmy.net
  6. coolbuster2007

    How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi

    first of all to testmy.net measure the actual distance, including the curves/contours between your computer and the canopy antenna and buy a cable. before you leave the store, ask the shop tech to connect the RJ 45 to it. just a reminder thumbsup!, please post in english only the next time so other nationalities can understand you.
  7. coolbuster2007


    wow! keep it up boi!
  8. coolbuster2007

    guys i need your opinion about this LCD monitors

    nice info.
  9. coolbuster2007

    SmartBro Tweak can it be done in vista?

    unfortunately, no
  10. coolbuster2007

    How to Turn Off DCHP Enabled on canopy

    the override plug will help
  11. coolbuster2007

    SmartBro problems in Davao

    you both are in davao, why don't we think of an EB sometime before the end of the year? maybe we can visit your homes and troubleshoot your connections. whatchathink?
  12. coolbuster2007

    Help with asus P4VP-MX motherboard

    4x is fine. you can already play good games that require high graphics display
  13. try this. a TCPIP Resetter is attached
  14. coolbuster2007

    How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi

    none. your canopy sm is locked and not on a "roaming" status. unfortunately, it is only the smartbro "higher" tech team can change the status to "roaming", which if activated, will allow you to roam or change access points (color codes).
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