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  1. i dont know what to do,, whats happening with my yahoomail..i tried logging in with other computers and it works fine.
  2. i think its not a virus because i also tried to open my yahoo mail on firefox on my ubuntu and it still not working properly
  3. Automatic page updates causing problems with your screen reader? If you are using a screen reader and having problems using Mail, it might help to disable automatic page updates. Please note, this will also disable chat and text messaging within Yahoo! Mail. You can toggle automatic updates on and off using the link below. Disable automatic page updates. this message is shown in my mail.
  4. i found this on my laptops site: Windows Vista (supported) Windows Vista Home Basic (supported) Windows Vista Home Premium (supported) Windows Vista Business (unsupported) Windows Vista Enterprise (unsupported) Windows Vista Ultimate (unsupported) ------------------ but why are the other vista not compatible and the 2 are compatible,theyre all the same,,maybe i can also use Xp on my laptop,,help
  5. i went to my laptops website and found out that my laptop only supports vista and theres a disclaimer about using other OS for the laptop....i dont know if the vista drivers will work on xp,,help help i wnt xp
  6. i didnt downgrade my laptop yet..i dont have drivers haha,,.,i just installed ubuntu,,its nice, try to visit this site http://wubi-installer.org/,,
  7. is it ok to downgrade my AMILO NOTEBOOK SI 3655 vista to XP,,,??? i hate Vista wahahahhahah whats the step in downgrading my vista to xp?? any side effects??
  8. help plsss i still cant get the ip of my canopy.. when i tried arp -a ,,here's the result i cant get any 10.xx.xx.xx
  9. is there any chance that i can do a port forwarding using smart bro??? i want to make my utorrent faster..
  10. how can i save my firefox tweak settings and use it in another computer?? so that i will not input the all the tweaks in about:config all over again... thank you
  11. when i send a message to anyone the message do not appear in the chat window,.,even my name and the name and message of others who send message to me,,ive tried to uninstall ym and installed it but the probem was not fixed,,its the first time ive encountered this problem... help help....
  12. need help...my other pc cant connect to the net, but my other pc is just fine,,im using a router.,i already scanned it with hi jack this and super anti spyware but i cannot still connect to the net,,i have chek the connection settings and everything is fine,,i cant update its antivirus because it cant connect to the net,,any suggestions? i think its a virus thnx
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