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  1. The only time I had problems like that was when my uploads were way down in the teens and single digits but at that time the upload tests here would not complete half the time either. Bird Fan is right... Direcway techs recommend it because when they are helping you troubleshoot your system they can look at your logs. I was ask to run the test on their system a few times (3 or 4) at different intervals of the day (morning/noon/night) to establish a pattern. and for that reason I still do that just to have a record when I do have to call them. As jparke stated, I find the 2 tests are simila
  2. Hi... New member here Just upgraded from the DW6000 to DW7000 a little over 24 hrs ago... any suggestions ? Wonder if I should sit it out for a bit or keep calling support to at least express my discontent... LOL Previously on AMC3 (87/1150) with the DW6000 and averaged 800/40 AMC3 87/1250 with rate code 256 2/3 Lots of transmission errors. This seems very erratic...From DWay Test Site December 30th, 01:36PM - 1006/26 kbps December 30th, 01:34PM - 876/14 kbps December 30th, 01:29PM - 14/12 kbps December 30th, 01:27PM - 16/20 kbps December 30th, 01:26PM - 940/1
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