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  1. Heres my situation.. i have Logonix DSL(local provider) and ever since wednesday it acted weird, and what it did was when i get on the Web, it kicks me off, it'll work for 15minutes then kick me off. Then i play Ps2 online, and it disconnects me from it as well. I called the company and they said to get a new modem, so i did it, and its still doing the same thing. It just kicks me off Web/Ps2 online, ive resest my modem/router many times and every night i turn it off, and it doesnt do any good. Anyone know anything that may help me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. That wildblue looks to be faster, and cheaper? Is it any better then Direcway? Im guessing its avalible in the USA?
  3. What are some other ISP's other than Direcway/Hughes Net that u might prefer. I from the USA(illinois), but i dont know many other big name Satelitte dealers. Any others??
  4. Once i first bought Direcway i thought it would be fast enough for online gaming, but what i didnt know was i had another thing coming to me , i have extreme lag, but is the anything i can do or any different settings i could use for Cablenut 4.6, that could help it speed up a little? Any tips or suggestions would be a great deal of help. Thanks!
  5. Hello bird fan, long time no see . My speeds are up from normal here lately to!! Do you have any other Cablenut Settings for me to try?
  6. alright i figured this one out sorry bout that, i just open the 1500 file to the CCS and saved the thing on the Tweak Screen
  7. Alright the problem is solved, i downloaded Cablenut 4.08 and that pic has come up (Maunal Tweak Screen) and i have NO idea how to fill these out?? what do i put in these blanks?? HELP fast!!!!!!
  8. i have direcway6000, so is direcway7000 a lot better and faster?? please tell me GREAT details is 7000 is better!!
  9. I clicked open and ABSOLUTELY nothing came up...?
  10. so what are you saying......... what are you leading to with saying there the same?
  11. and i tried both of them, but once i open them nothing seems to be happening? anything might be wrong u can think of?
  12. Bird once i click the 1500 file then it doesnt say anything bout consumer, or anything like that, after i click it a pop-up comes up and says open or cancel, and i click open then theres and error page that comes up
  13. u know what i did wrong. heres what i did: downloaded cablenut, opened that Van Buren file, click satellite, then clicked MTU1460, and now what??
  14. ok i downloaded cablenut, and then i clicked on a link and the file name MTU1460 and the file MTU1500 came up, i clicked on 1460, then something went wrong i think anything u can tell me i did wrong??
  15. i clicked on the cablenut link but now what do i do/click on??
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