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  1. I just upgraded to a 7000 with a switch in frequency and polarity. My signal strength is 52-62 (over the last two days) and I live in the midwest. When I was on a 4000 before my 6000 my signal strength dipped this low I had all sorts of problems when the weather was just fair. Should I be concerned with this low signal strength? What is a typical signal strength for this satellite in the middle of the country on a good day. Thanks!
  2. I just had the same problem. To get tier 2 support instead of talking to India call 866-Direcway. Enter the number for existing user (2). Then enter the number for Business/ Professional support (4) then tech support. You automatically get tier 2. If you wait and then go into all other then DW7000 you will be calling India. The first knucklehead I spoke with couldn't resolve my problem and said the dish needed to be realigned. I had the exact same problems as you described in your email. I called back the next day to find out which installer was assigned to my problem. The tech s
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