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  1. well so far so good, it's more or less on par with my old terayon. However for some reason my area cannot get more than 600k on speed tests. If I don't use a download accelerator the max speed I get is 75k. This is the symptoms I had with the terayon and now the linksys so this must be a node related issue. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 659 Kbps about 0.66 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 80 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Server 1) Test Time:: 2006/04/10 - 9:02pm Bottom Line:: 11X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 12.8 sec Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 37.203 seconds to complete Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111 Firefox/ Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 31.99 % of your hosts average (onelinkpr.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-SRNQ2P1FB This is my connection 24/7. The modem change did improve latency, it does not fluctuate as much and battlefield 2 remains always in the same 55ms ping and does not fluctuate much this could be a backbone issue as well.
  2. do you have any packet loss? the motorola 5120 is notorious for having packetloss in onelink's network. Personally i'm using a linksys modem which I bought today and will be testing for the next 24 hours to see if it's worth replacing the terayong.
  3. man at my work we have a packeteer installed since we had issues with a 85% usage of P2P on the network. We installed packeteer and the usage dropped to less than 1% HOWEVER we did not introduce packetloss into the equation by having packeteer. However packetloss DOES cause problems with throughoutput and Peer to Peer. You know, encapsulate the data on a packeteer installed network and encrypt it and the packeteer won't know better and you will get high speeds until you see usage from some IP connsuming too much bandwit and you throttle it back manually or block that port so the user has to call in. Now encapsulate the data and do this same approach on onelink, same low speeds, now let's throw in another example let's assume they are limiting connections as well. Well if you do limit connections then when you use a download accelerator you would not be allowed to have (So long as the server you are downloading from allows it) 5 connections downloading full speed. So until they replace the routers or fix whatever is wrong with the routers they have we will not know for sure.
  4. yep the problems appear to be local routers however latency has dropped, but packetloss is still there. If packetloss is there packeteer can't be running since packeteer does not cause packetloss or low speeds. Packeteer actually optimizes network usage and you get higher numbers than normal in everything except P2P. Now we are slow in everything including P2P and having packetloss. and when have I confirmed that it packeteer re-read closely: "And dollars to donuts they have packeteer inside their network someplace but the encpasulation should be getting around packeteer with 0 problems. So packeteer + limiting connections." that means that It could be possible not that it is a fact. EDIT: I have friends that work there but all the info I had was the change of backbone that was about it, this issue I have not asked nor I care to know I would rather not bother them with such work things while they are out of their jobs.
  5. that's an uncapped modem or he cached the results.
  6. seems finally something is being done. Notice that not many people post about problems now they are back happy into their MMORPGs.
  7. has anyone noticed there is no lag today? Sure speeds suck but 0 lag.
  8. actually YES check out the website for the "junta reglamentadora de telecomunicaciones" where there are various open incidents involving adelphia now onelink and notice how fast things got solved and if you see there are complaints there STILL on file they won't get erased, they changed from adelphia to onelink but all of adelphia's previous wrongdoings are on file and are now in onelink's history.
  9. man my point is that it has been posted here that by march 1rst it will be fixed, fine if you don't believe it however they have said it all along by march 1rst the transition from adelphia to onelink will be complete. And you are in the same boat as me I am computer sciences grad, and actually if you complain to the FCC watch how fast the company calls you home asd asks whats going on it's actually funny. Complaining is ok, but c'mon you can't bitch bitch bitch by phone you don't get any place you take the fight elsewhere. And dollars to donuts they have packeteer inside their network someplace but the encpasulation should be getting around packeteer with 0 problems. So packeteer + limiting connections.
  10. actually daco has helped a lot, they have pushed dmax a lot because of all the times that dmax said perfect for online gaming yet you have over 1500ms of latency. In fact because of the daco/fcc/ftc complaints the dmax guys actually started giving out credits for the bad service. However not all users were as lucky.
  11. try encapsulating all data and then encrypting it that works. Give the new azureues or the beta version of utorrent a spin they include it now built in. However IF they cap you by amount of connections you will still get slower speeds. However I believe 100k under the current situation is an acceptable rate.
  12. they have not capped the gaming. Not that I know of, i've been able to play weekends with no problems on onelink. The problem is that during hours in which there is a lot of traffic the routers can't handle the load or we don't have enough bandwith and thus you can't play. Simple as that, I've also been able to download torrents with no problems true not running at 300k or 250k it's been some time but i've seen them up to 100k. Now you guys are all working on rumors as I said before. Wait for the fix to be done then test your P2P if it continues then you have all the right to bitch and moan about it. But since onelink still has issues all you can do is sit tight and wait until they get fixed. March 1st is next week.
  13. well I have gotten information by calling so I guess it's bad luck. I called they told me the same ifnormation that has been posted from the 22nd - 1st everything should be fixed, the change to sprint etc. If you are dissatisfied with the service why not actually CHANGE, there are many options available and you can take any you want period. Onelink is not holding a gun to your head and telling you to not go. I hear PRW DSL has 0 issues and excellent latencies. I have also heard good things about biva and aeronet. So you keep up with the mediocre service because you want to. In my case I don't want to put up an antenna on my roof so that does not qualify me for wireless providers, I keep both DSL and Cable connections since I can't have downtime on my connection for work purposes. I am happy with the 35 monthly dollars I pay for onelink service and the 24.99 I pay dmax for their basic dsl service in case cable fails. I'm not flaming but making a huge post accusing other users of being onelink employees and trolls specially when you only have ONE post can cause suspicion.
  14. oh BTW how are you considering we go about reporting users to onelinkpr. For what complaining? PLEASE!
  15. lol i'm not a onelink employee but I do know several onelink employees and I can say that what has been posted is correct and no matter how much you bitch about it if there is a time table it will be fixed in that timetable. Now you kids need to grow up and actually start going out, doing real work besides playing MMORPGS all day. I sincerly hope onelink actually caps or limits bittorrent true it has legal purposes but c'mon you can't be downloading linux isos 24/7. Check out various webpages you will see more and more ISPs are actually throttling bittorrent traffic, and if encryption gets in the way then they just limit the amount of concurrent connections. The heavy users actually cost onelink money and are the ones affecting the infrastructure. Why invest millions into improving the network when all that will happen is everyone will start leaving their connections 24/7 uploading stuff and it will kill everyone on that node. You want through unrestricted bandwith go DS (which now has even worse issues than onelink) meanwhile no matter how much you bitch and moan and how much you bother the tech employees or supervisors (Which can't do jack by the way) it will not be fixed before next week AT LEAST. Hope I made it clear, and no I do not work for onelink or dmax thank you. Oh and you are a n00b talking and decided just to post to actually mention that and make a personal attack nice! I pay the same amount of money that you guys are paying and I understand there are issues but I also have something called life. You know drop the MMORPGs and pr0n and actually go outside. The fresh air won't kill you.
  16. I got the same information as jordi. 2 - 3 weeks or february 27th. However I would rather wait and see. The move to sprint is pretty old news now, but sprint missed the last deadline for completing the installation.
  17. as I said the transition should be complete by march 1st so hopefully by then everything will be fixed. Patience. Do something else with the time you can't use the internet, go out, watch tv, watch a movie, play an offline game. BREATHE!
  18. well basically on onelinkpr.net site it states that the transition from adelphia to onelink would be complete by march 1st when our @adelphia.net emails will stop working, so that should give you a ballpark figure on when it could get fixed. I also received the same information on february 12th but i've been told that so many times and it never happens on the date it's supposed to happen that I go with the one on their website.
  19. I just called, they told me that there is a problem with latency and that it's being worked on, and that P2P are temporarily throttled but that that for now that is the direction that the company is taking and that they don't know for sure when they will be unblocked. c'mon don't make stuff up.
  20. packeteer lets you shape traffic so if it's game it goes through, besides games do not use 384k upload, they use less than 128k. Unless you are running a server which is prohibited, if it's a P2P Upload it will immediately cap it.
  21. I HIGHLY doubt it's full time. IF they cap and I repeat IF they cap, they will only cap the maximum upload to avoid filling up the whole upload channel and slowing everything down. Don't quote me on this. I mean it would be SUICIDE to do this and no company (who excepts revenue) will try to do this. Now I hope they go after abusive users and users who are uploading huge amounts of data a month etc. Sure it's your connection but when it stops being use and becoming abuse? Hope when they rework the TOS everything is clear.
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