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  1. true but you have to look for the greater good, either you download full speed and no one can download or no one can download and everyone can actually USE their connections? This situation should not have begun in the first place proper planning should've taken place, but we know it didn't now we have to wait.
  2. man, there is not even confirmation everything is blocked! I mean you guys are taking it to the extreme, perhaps they did block the connections until everything is set in place and their infrastructure is prepared to sustain the amount of traffic don't you think? If you have bandwith problems and you have tons of users downloading movies on bittorrent then everyone will get 128 and not even webbrowsing or email will be possible (at a quick enough pace). Think about it for a moment! Perhaps the employees are simply saying yes to everything you ask them because they are fed up. Have you tried emailing the higher ups? http://www.onelinkpr.com/corporativo_ee.asp Google out the information ofr their emails I bet they will be easy to find.
  3. well, I hope that by march 1 when the transition completes this gets fixed.
  4. well I hate to say this but status in no way affects poor customer service. I guess that when no one strives to work for improving the service then this is the result. We have to wait until the whole transition is complete and true some more information on this would be appreciated, if you don't think it will then just take another option. The only people to blame here is management for not pushing their employees to provide excellent customer service.
  5. if you do that you HAVE to inform the other person you are recording the conversation otherwise you could get in problems.
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