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  1. I'm still looking to find the cause of OP's issues. Since his signals are great (16 down and 4 up perfectly in-spec channels) and his Comcast on-net speed tests are good (95% of his provisioned speed), and the issue persists after he bought his own modem, I don't believe the issue lies with his premises or equipment. I'm looking beyond his premises, which takes time, because I have to work with teams at the local level.
  2. Since you are getting your provisioned speeds with our on-net test, my hypothesis is that the problem lies beyond your equipment. I'm working on finding that "beyond".
  3. I'm actually somewhat intrigued by the site and what the TMN platform may be capable of. CA3LE, I sent you a PM.
  4. Comcast engineer here. I work on our speed test platform (it's actually Ookla's platform running on our network). Our speed test measures your performance on the Comcast network, which is what we can control and fix. It's designed such that the traffic doesn't pass onto the internet backbone. I'm actively working on helping this customer. The issue seems to lie beyond his equipment, which can be more difficult to pinpoint and get fixed.
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