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  1. I could connect to the modems webpage for about 20-30 seconds, then the connection was no longer there.

    I tried multiple DNS servers, The router would not maintain communication with the modem for some reason.

    I now have a new Linksys N router, which was up and running within 5 minutes.

  2. Recieved router replacement.

    Hooked everyting up, performed setup - No Internet

    I can go to command screen and ping an address and it comes back good (pcakets sent=4, packets recieved =4, loss=0)

    Spent 2 hours on phone with D-Link tech support, they say it is a DNS problem, call your ISP get DNS addresses and call us back.

  3. I am upgrading from a linksys wireless g router to a dlink dir-655 wireless n router.

    The new router will not connect to the internet, if i switch back to the old router all is ok.

    I have tried automatic and manual setup and nothing seems to work.

  4. My wife tried to reboot her laptop (old T-43) it has now bee sitting for the last 45 minutes with "Preparing to configure windows Do Not Turn Off Your Computer" on the screen.

    My question is what will it do if I force a shut down?

  5. I hope someone here can help me with this. I have a Sony VAIO notebook with a Intel PRO/100 network adapter that is failing. This to my understanding is a obsolete unit. Can someone tell me if there is a newer unit that will plug into the same mini pci slot and work for my notebook.

    Thanks you in advance.

  6. Bad ass, I'll have to check that out. I was planning on buying a base model then upgrading it to SSD and 4GB ram (I've heard that some people have put up to 8GB in them but Apple doesn't officially support it). I've seen they have a model with two hard drives, I wonder does that mean that I can install an SSD and leave the original drive in there as storage then run the system off the SSD? I need to see if there is mounting available in the base model for the 2nd drive though... otherwise I'll just run storage externally.

    So they come pretty much brand new?

    MAC or PC, it is a tool, to that it is a matter of which tool works best for you.

  7. So heres the short version.

    Used car dealers sell cars to people with bad credit and install 'kill switch' black boxes into the cars, in case the owner is late in a payment. So this guy gets laid off and access the system and puts out the kill command to 100's of cars. And he would of kept going if the company hadn't changed the passwords for all employee accounts.

    Imagine if this happened to the 'On-Star' system. And if you have On-Star? Read the privacy agreement.


    Sounds like Omar just took advantage of the fact that someone did not change the system password after they fired him.

    Having said that, I think he deserves whatever he gets.

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