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  1. Thank you much for the reply, I think I'll actually copy pasta my original here and get it to the right thread though now.
  2. Been keeping a watch through my speeds for a while now, I have mediacom Internet package of 100mbs Here's my story, I have had a number of problems with mediacom, mostly involving the maintenance of their own cables being at fault. Just last month I had a Tech out to my location, we were getting speeds of barely 5 down if we were lucky. Tech came out, replaced some wires outside WOO! speeds jumped up to what they were supposed to be. 80 - 95mbs down and 12-23 mbs up Modem: MOTOROLA SB6141 Router: TP-LINK TL-WR841N Currently this is the average I am experiencing through my speeds I want to know more about this... and wether or not I should put up a fuss about the speeds I get through mediacom Yeah yeah first world problems but I'm paying for 100 so I expect to see 100 (or at the very least 95 when the bandwith is good. Can anyone tell me why I might be experiencing that little divot in my speeds? Is the signal hitting a sudden wall of virtual garbage that mediacom has built up in their wires? Another from the tech that I had out that made me laugh when I pulled up the tests through testmy.net As a side note.. If any of you are employee's in mediacoms tech department PLEASE! tell me... do they just have a switch in there for customers? I mean seriously, my speeds drop and I call in and I'm all like, "hey what's going on with my speeds I'm through my modem and all that junk" Tech's like "oh speeds look fine nothing seems to be going on" I check speeds again they're fine and dandy -.- I swear they flip a switch when I call in about tech problems.. and then give it a few days and turn the switch back off.
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