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  1. Mine looks exactly like yours. So this means they are throttling? I wonder if the middleman I go through even knows this as he spent a ton of money and time last week replacing every piece of my equipment trying to solve my speed problem. Trying to post a picture but it keeps telling me that file extension is not allowed.
  2. I'm at my wits end. I live in the country and I am on a wireless internet service provider. We have a receiver on the roof that points to their tower etc. We are supposed to get 6mb of speed and we do as long as no one is using it. However, the minute we do anything...such as streaming netflix...it basically crashes to a very low speed and even Netflix then has to buffer etc. So the internet guys are telling me it is just Netflix. Except that even when I cut Netflix off and hook straight up to the POE and test, the speed still stays down. It won't go down until we stream or download, bu
  3. Trying to email myself the results, but when I hit "Email Results" it just takes me back to the home screen. Tried on different browsers with same results. Please help. Thanks!
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