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  1. I just upgraded my internet speed with Spectrum (formerly know as and still using, Time Warner, in some instances). I went from a Time Warner based download speed of about 75mbps and 6mbps upload speed to what Spectrum claims (and shows via Speedtest.net) to be 400mbps down and 20mbps up BUT ONLY when my PC (Win 10 Pro) is the only device on my LAN and it's directly connected to the bridged Arris Surfboard 6183. When I test with testmy.net going either through the modem or through my Cisco RV042 Gigabit dual WAN router (one WAN connection, rated throughput specified at 687mbps) I get vastly
  2. I use TWC (which is now Spectrum) and have recently reduced my bandwidth from 300 Mbps to 60 Mbps. The reason is that, after two years of fighting with TWC, I discovered what TWC and Spectrum are doing. I have DirecTV and want to use the video streaming on demand which according to DirecTV requires at least 2 Mbps for HD video. Only one in 10 or so times could I view a program all the way through without getting massive numbers of "video buffering" messages and usually the connection got severed. When Spectrum took over this past Saturday ALL my connections got reduced to about 2 Mbps. I
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