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  1. Would it not be better to format the exported .CSV file so that date and time are separate columns (or at least have that option)? I was looking at performance during times of the day (running an hourly test over 7 days) and being able to graph by TOD versus date would be handy. OR are there graphing options built-in for a multi-day test? BTW, I get this when clicking on the "email" hotspot. "The page isn't redirecting properly". Can you not post images clipped and pasted into these posts? I thought I had seen clips elsewhere? OR only save a clip and then attached a
  2. Thanks, I was just curious. It's not like TWC or Brighthouse are small providers. K
  3. I was looking around the forums and the section in the post title. I see that Brighthouse (Florida) and TWC are not even mentioned. Why is that? K
  4. I notice from downloading TCP Optimizer and browsing the documentation that when I choose the "Optimal" radio button that there is no LOG option as the documentation. I see the backup check box. Is this something that has changed in the program but not the documentation? K
  5. Don't forget that "most" ISPs use what is known as "asymmetric" links. This means that your US speeds are always lower than your DS speeds UNLESS you are paying for "equal" US and DS service. This is done because the amount of data (generally speaking) on the DS side is always much higher than the US side. Think of what you send to Google versus what comes back from Google. This is true for most people's net usage.
  6. HughesNet operates a Fair Access Policy (FAP) - well, certainly used to when I used it a few years ago. This means that they will let you use "full speed" until you go "over" a certain amount of data downloaded. Then, they cut you back dramatically for the rest of the day. Search the net for HughesNet FAP. There used to be software around that would monitor your bandwitch use (FAP monitor search or something like that in Google). On top of that satellite links ALWAYS have a lag (just to get data to and from the satellite). K
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