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  1. Thanks! I noticed (after some time) that my test servers were all showing 'Set Default"; none of them were marked as favorite. When I selected one, suddenly things started working. Not sure how this correlelates with what you did, but all is good now!
  2. Hola! I am testing a dual-boot setup with Win10 and Mint Linux (Ubuntu). I am just now starting to get my Linux setup going and was having some Internet problems so jumped on to do some speed tests in Linux. I have been speed testing in Windows 10 using all browsers w/no issues. However, when I jumped on this morning in Linux using my Firefox browser, I cannot get the testmy.net/results page to show anything; it is just totally blank. I turned off every noscript setting, adblock setting, etc, but still just a blank page. Refresh doesn't change it either. Ok, installed the Chrome browser. Clean install, no attempt to block anything; all default settings. Same results. I see it "loading" the file, then when it switches to the results, it is just a blank screen! I then tried the Upload test. For whatever reason, it works fine, in both browsers! So whatever it is, it is common to both browsers. I am new to Linux, but find it hard to believe its something in the OS, but hey, stranger things have happened, LoL. Any ideas?
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