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  1. Yeah most of the channels are HD on the media device and my connection is a little bit better if streaming on a non HD ch. I was thinking about getting a better connection anyway. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  2. I can have 5 PCs in the house streaming netflix at the same time and I can still play online games and surf the web with ease. Now once I turn the Media TV live streaming device on it knocks my ping up to like 300-500. I can no longer play any kind of competitive online games at all. Then it takes like a good 10 seconds for a website to load. Any kind of help is appreciated.
  3. Well, I am using my laptop w/ AMD Turion 64 single core 2.0GHz w/ burn speed at 11X. Sticking to the topic, is there a way to burn several movies into one dvd? I know putting more than one movie on one dvd lowers the quality. Lets say I have a movie and its sequel and I want to back both of them into one dvd. do I have to rip movie 1 and 2 into a different format like AVI then back to VOB?
  4. I collect dvds but I do not like to use the original copy, So I back up my movies with dvdshink. But it takes a good 30 minutes to shrink and 10 to burn to dvd. I am planning on getting a new computer. What computer specs should I look for to enhance the process of backing up my dvds?
  5. well my budget is around $600-1000. I am thinking of getting a cheap system from HP for around $200-$300 or so and then pump it up with a kicka*s video card. Or should I build it from scratch? I currently have a AMD sempron 512 ram 60 gb harddrive geforce 4 ti4200 its old and can barely support the decent games that come out. how much can i get with my budget?
  6. hmm, my old computer has one gig ram and its barely keeping up with vista.. does only certain programs/games can take advantage of the dual core processors?
  7. Since I'm on a budget..I don't have too much to spend especially on games. I don't know if I should buy a single core or dual core processor. 2 gb ram, 160 gb harddrive, decent sound card, and a really high end video card. So would I spend more money on the processor or should I spend it on my video card? im on a budget.
  8. My friend is buying a new laptop and he is getting rid of both his old laptops and he is giving one of them to me. Which would should I take from him? Dell Latitude c610 Specs: Pentium III 1000mHz processor 128mb sdram 10gb hard drive 14'' screen ATi Rage Mobility M1 video card ESS Maestro 2E Audio CD-ROM optical drive Battery Adaptor and the other is Acer Travelmate 233X specs: Intel Mobile Celeron 2.0GHz 265mb Ram Intel 845GL with 8MB shared memory 14.1" screen 30GB Harddrive 1.44'' floppy CD-ROM No-battery Adaptor
  9. I can't seem to play most of the new games because of its 128 MB Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 series video card. Is it possible for me to upgrade to a better video card?
  10. I uninstalled some unwanted programs that came with my HP Pavilion Laptop. Now my DVD-ROM drive in my computer is gone. Even if I put a disc into the drive it doesn't run. I went to Device Manager and check CD/DVD-ROM drives are working properly. How can I my drive to work again? I don't feel like doing another factory restore, which takes hours. Is there a registry that reactivates the drive?
  11. Is there a program that I can use to see what the temperature of my laptop is going?
  12. Is there any is there any step by step guides to make a flash banner for a website, using photo shop cs2 and flash mx?
  13. thanks, just needed to know the name of that kind of forum edit: oh they are called karma, not forum money, every post that a person makes will send a link to the admin or mod whether to give + or - karma to the person depending on how good the post was.
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